Elevate the customer experience with one support platform.

All channels. One platform.

Whether you’re already doing multi-channel support or growing into it, Answers offers all the channels you need (or will need) out of the box in a single platform.

What it means for you:

Enable efficiency

One platform means agents and managers work in only one tab — no switching between systems or hunting down information. This enables your team to be more efficient and focused and decrease resolution times.

Make agents operative. Fast.

With one consistent, intuitive UI for all channels in a single view, new agents can get up and running in just an 8-hour shift. 

Get all your insights in one place

With all channels consolidated into a single system, the ‘big picture’ data you rely on comes from only one source of truth. Evaluate team efficiency, view CSAT scores and learn about your customers’ recurring issues.

Grow cost-effectively

Minimize or completely remove your dependency on development. As you scale, you can add channels and adjust workflows effortlessly on only one system.


“By switching to Answers, we eliminated the need for multiple vendors—everything is now in one place and easy to use. We’ve also cut our response time to under 30 seconds by automating time-sensitive processes.”

Lasry, VP of Customer Relations

One-tab workspace. Maximum efficiency.

With all the tools agents need in a single tab, Answers makes support teams more efficient, decreasing resolution time and increasing customer satisfaction. 


All real-time and offline support requests are visible and manageable in one feed, enabling agents to easily bounce between conversations without spending time switching tabs.


Knowledge that empowers support teams and customers

With knowledge fully integrated into your support platform, customers find answers more easily and agents resolve issues faster and more accurately.



Let customers resolve issues on their own, and give your agents more time for the harder stuff. Answers makes your support content SEO friendly and easy to find on Google.

In-product contextual support

Display relevant help center articles along your customers’ natural workflow so they don’t have to jump away to find an answer. This will make their experience more satisfying and ultimately more successful.


Internal knowledge hub

Give agents instant access to the knowledge they need to be consistently accurate and efficient while resolving tickets. With one go-to source of information at their fingertips, agents can decrease resolution times and increase customer satisfaction.

Smart article-suggestion engine

With the knowledge base connected to the ticketing system, agents can attach AI-powered article suggestions to replies. This makes answers consistent and agents more confident.


"Wix Answers gave us the ability to create a help center the way we wanted in a short time frame with zero development, minimal effort, and in multiple languages."

Darren Vandervort, Product Manager

Customer support management tools for large scale organizations

Answers gives you the right tools to manage complex support environments with hundreds or thousands of issues a day across multiple channels.

Spotter: Automations

Automate repetitive tasks and processes to reduce the need for time-consuming manual work. Spotter’s real-time alert engine either notifies relevant stakeholders or automates outcomes on time so support teams can accomplish their business goals and KPIs.

Control Room

No more looking back at reports and data to see how you need to improve. Get real-time visibility into your agents’ capacity, workload and performance. With one live dashboard for all channels, you can react quickly to improve first-response time and CSAT while preventing potential risks — with any volume.

Top issues

Identify your customers’ most common pain points with your product, and how painful they are. Put the customer voice front and center, even when volumes are high, and let your customers influence product improvements and evolution.


Our pricing is simple

Unlock all customer support products and features
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$80/user/month (billed annually)

No extra charges, paid add-ons or hidden fees

Make support an enabler for growth

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