Meet your customers anywhere with the help widget

Pick your support channels, embed anywhere and create unlimited versions to support customers when and where they need you the most. 

Help customers from anywhere inside your product

Give contextual support by always providing the right help articles in the relevant product flows.

Ensure your customers are successfully onboarded by having easily accessible guides during their set-up.

A fully searchable help center directly from the widget.    

You can add as many as you need. 

Multiple channels, any combination

Email, live chat, callback or help center articles - choose which channels to add to each widget based on your needs, so customers can contact you in their preferred channel without leaving the product or website.

Help customers describe their issue 

Customers don’t always know how to define their issue. Use custom fields, letting them choose from predefined options. Agents then get the necessary info to quickly provide accurate answers. 

Since introducing the widget, the contact rate has doubled. Our customers are no longer frustrated as they can now get what they need without leaving the product admin. That's a huge win for us."

Doron Pryluk

VP of Customer Experience

Build it for your needs

Your brand, your design

Change the design by adjusting theme, structure, colors and text. Custom CSS and JS are supported. 

Custom HTML sections

Enhance your widget capabilities by embedding videos, iframes of external websites or special announcements.

Make it draggable

Customers can drag it anywhere on their screen so it won't conflict with site content. 

Unlimited widgets 

Place as many widgets as you need anywhere in the customer journey, inside your product or website.

An ever-present support experience.

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