Get Built-in Call Center Software

Give your customers phone support from the same platform you use for your help center and ticketing system—no download needed.


Make and Take Calls Seamlessly

Give your customers immediate support over the phone to resolve issues faster and more efficiently. Set up a toll-free line that customers can use to call in for free, or add local numbers for all of the countries you operate in.


Get a Big Picture View of Your Call Center

Your call center dashboard is your go-to location for viewing all of your current activity. Get all of the information you need to move your business forward—call wait times, what customers are calling about and how quickly their call was resolved.


Easily Manage Your Call Center

Give agents more control of your call center software by letting them hold and mute calls, add other agents, and transfer seamlessly. You can also use call queuing to deal with high call volumes, and monitor and record calls to track agents’ performance, all from your help desk software.


Route Calls with a Personalized IVR System

Use your call center software to set up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that directs calls to the right agent or group. Collect information about your callers, prioritize calls based on what type of support your customers need and improve your overall answer time. 

More Features You’ll Love

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Make and take as many calls as you need to, at the same time, from multiple numbers.

Wrap-Up Time

Leave agents enough time to make notes about a call before they move on to the next one. 

Business Hours

Set your operating hours so that your customers know the best times to get in touch.

Line Management

Get a local number for the countries you operate in, or add a toll-free line that customers can use to call in for free.

Follow Up

Send customers an email after they get in touch with information about their call or what they need to do next.

Call History

Easily search for specific calls according to the customer’s name, the agent who took the call, the label and more.

Business Insights

Find out how well your team is doing by tracking their performance, monitoring calls and more. Coming soon!


Set up your own call center

Wix Answers gives you built-in call center software you can use to make and take calls anywhere, in every language.

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