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Built-in call center

Provide phone support to your customers — inbound, outbound and callbacks — with a quick setup and immediate rollout.

What does built-in call center really mean?


Every call automatically creates a ticket in the same timeline with interactions from all other channels


The groups you create on the platform, apply to any support channel, including the call center


A caller’s information and history are right next to the call ticket – no jumping between tabs for context

Easily create and manage a global call center

Set up toll-free lines or add local numbers for all countries you operate in. Each line can have a dedicated IVR flow and business hours adjusted for agent availability.

Easily create bg.png
Create a global call center
Take and make bg.png
take and make seamless calls

Take and make calls seamlessly

With automatic ticket creation and call recording, agents can focus only on giving customers the quickest and most accurate solutions.

Route calls into queues

Create all the queues you need for routing calls to the right agents whether it’s by language, customer type, topic, or an agent’s level of expertise. Each queue can have pre-defined wait times, active hours and custom music or speech audio for on hold and waiting in queue.

Route calls bg.png
Route calls and create queues
Customizable IVRs bg.png
Customizable IVRs

Customizable IVRs

Easily create and configure Interactive Voice Response (IVR) flows that direct calls to the appropriate queues based on customer input. This way, agents know what the calls are about before they pick up.

Optimize in real-time

Make decisions and improvements as you go with a live dashboard that shows the big picture. See how many calls are in queues and their wait times, what customers are calling about and how your agents are performing.

Optimize in real-time bg.png
Real-time dashboard to optimize

Set up in minutes

Set up call center in minutes

More capabilities to increase efficiency


Get a complete picture of your call center performance so you can address recurring issues or support gaps

Call history

Replay calls to train new agents, troubleshoot issues or make sure company policies are followed

Text-to-speech IVRs

Create IVR messages just by typing them – no need to record anything

Call control

Agents can mute calls, put callers on hold, invite other agents, or transfer calls to other queues or external numbers 

Voicemail & callbacks

Instead of waiting in queues, customers can leave a voicemail or ask for a callback

Auto-transcribed voicemails

Voicemails from customers are 

automatically transcribed on a new call ticket

Callbacks from anywhere

With unlimited help widgets in your product or website, you can let customers request a callback wherever they get stuck

Unlimited concurrent calls

Make and receive unlimited calls at the same time without sacrificing quality during peak hours

Wrap-up time

Give agents time to write a summary of each call before they move on to the next one 

Get your call center up and running in no time.

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