Make it the project everyone loves.

Easily create, manage and optimize knowledge that can actually be found.


Build a knowledge base tailored to your brand and create help articles to assist customers, guide support teams or keep employees updated.

Set up and customize your help center in no time

Category management


Structure content in a way that is easy to manage and quick to find.

Multilingual support

Expand global support operations by localizing your content and serving customers in their own language.

100% customizable


Use CSS and JavaScript to make your knowledge base fully aligned with your brand.

Seamlessly create, organize and optimize articles

Rich content editor


Use images, videos and GIFs to make articles easier to understand and visually engaging. 



Add labels to articles for additional layers of categorization and make them easier to find.

Related articles


Set related articles in the right context, making it easy to access follow-up questions on the spot. 

Translation workflow

Assign content translations with an integrated tool and then send it for review and proofreading — all from inside the content editor.

Article types

Categorize content into help articles, feature requests and known issues. This allows you to track bugs, understand customer needs and allow voting for future product updates. 


When knowledge constantly needs to be added, updated and reviewed - master it all through one article dashboard.

Efficiently control all aspects of knowledge management.

Advanced filtering

Use filters to view articles that match the conditions you define. Add as many filters as needed to fine-tune the search.

Add and publish articles

Create articles for product releases or roadmap plans and publish only when they become relevant. 

Privacy settings


Decide who can view your content. You can make it public, company-only or for signed-in customers.

Built-in analytics per article

See article's total views, votes, related tickets, and published version history right from the dashboard.  

Articles versioning

Whether you had to go back to a previous product version or you found that another article version was performing better, you can switch back at any time.

Task management & collaboration

Increase productivity by enabling collaboration and assigning tasks to the right person to keep workflows blocker free. Stay on track by optimizing and translating content simultaneously through tasks and internal notes.


Make it simple and convenient for customers to find answers, wherever they are.

Enable customers to immediately find your content, no matter where they are.

Built-in search

Results are kept precise with advanced search algorithms that improve over time through customer queries.   


Use out-of-the-box SEO so customers will find your answers where they search the most — on Google.

Mobile optimized

Your help center is fully optimized for mobile, so it will look great on any device.

Contextual help widget

Provide relevant answers wherever users get stuck in your product or website. You can embed an unlimited number of help widgets to display contextual content.


With rich insights and customer feedback, track your content’s performance to identify knowledge gaps or the need for product improvements.

Ensure knowledge measures up to your needs with clear insights.

Most viewed

See which articles are viewed the most to get insights on customer needs and product weaknesses.



Understand if articles were helpful or not, so you can make relevant content improvements.

Feature requests


Customers can help you decide what to develop next by voting for new features or improvements.

Recurring search terms


See which terms customers repeatedly search for to understand where your help center may be lacking in content

Known issues


Inform customers about bugs and issues you're aware of, so they'll know that it's taken care of.

Top issues 

Get a top-down view of top support issues and customer pain points to help you make data-driven improvements to knowledge base content or products.

Next step: bringing your knowledge to its full potential.

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