The new way to manage support operations in actual real time

Spotter lets customer support leaders continuously optimize flows with an up-to-the-millisecond automation engine.

Smart operational management

Eliminate redundant tasks

Reduce dev dependency

Get insights without BI


Risk-proof your support operations

Anticipate any scenario by setting conditional automations that streamline processes across multiple channels and entities. Spotter improves your content’s performance, helps you meet your SLAs and avoid customer frustration, while saving time and money on repetitive tasks. 

How does it work?





Map out repetitive support scenarios you deal with on a daily basis and tailor them to your business needs.


From the moment conditions are met, automations are triggered in real time to handle scenarios.


Numerous actions can be performed - Spotter sends notifications to relevant stakeholders or performs changes automatically.


With manual tasks handled, you’re free to concentrate your time and effort where it’s most needed.

Add and customize automations in seconds —no code, development resources or IT required.

Fast, smart and powerful automations at your fingertips

Some of the things Spotter can do:

Instantly act on negative CSAT

When a ticket gets a negative satisfaction rating, a relevant team member can immediately address the issue.

Prepare ahead for high workloads

Select who in the support organization will get a heads-up when it’s extra busy with calls or tickets.

Avoid unanswered tickets

Automatically assign tickets to agents and groups to make sure tickets don't fall through the cracks.

Identify trends without BI dependency

Improve or remove low-performing support articles to make sure customers get relevant and digestible content.

Improve response time

If a ticket has been left unanswered for too long, the shift manager will be notified and the ticket reassigned.

Identify unhelpful content without checking BI reports

A support article received a high number of unhelpful votes? Notify a relevant team member to review and improve the content.

Consistently keep content up to date

Ensure customers get accurate information by notifying relevant team members when articles stay unedited for a specific period.

Maintain your ticket resolution KPIs

Notify the relevant team member when a customer issue becomes a lengthy ticket ping-pong without a resolution.

Maintain a clean backlog

Automatically notify the relevant team when a feature request is not getting any attention from customers.

How is Spotter different?

Actual real time

While others just say it, Spotter does it. Instead of compromising on your CSAT and  waiting for a postmortem, you can act on the spot.

Out-of-the-box recipes

Team members can activate and customize different scenarios in an instant, no need to  wait for development resources or technical experts.

Works on all channels and entities

Spotter automations are available for all channels, and can take action for any primary entity - whether it’s an agent, queue or article.

Tired of wasting time and resources on repetitive flows?

See how Spotter does the heavy lifting.

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