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Act on the spot to improve your support performance

Meet Control Room, an industry-first live dashboard that monitors agents’ activity across all support channels. Now, managers get the needed transparency to improve their customer support quality on the spot.

Put an end to retroactive decision making

Support actions used to be based on old performance stats—but you can’t help today’s customers with yesterday’s data.

Control Room allows you to see what’s going on right now and address your top customer support KPIs in real-time—all from the same dashboard.

How does it work?






Finally, get a full understanding of what's going on in your support department in real-time. Use a series of filters that will give you a clear overview of team workloads, agent availability and overall efficiency.

Control room filters



Instead of making retroactive decisions, take action on the spot from the control room dashboard:

Assign more agents to take calls when there's a surge in volume.

Change agents' tickets, call and chat capacity during rush hour.

Move more agents to a group in real-time to take care of an issue with lots of requests.



Rather than using “old data”, Control Room enables you to spot gaps in your department’s workload instantly. You’ll be able to handle a surge in customer requests, impact customer satisfaction and adjust agents’ capacity in real-time.

Get the bird’s-eye view needed to control activity across all channels with Answers Control Room.

Built for managers to effectively run support departments

View by time frame

Edit the time frame you’d like to see, within the last 24 hours.

Data for all agents and channels

View the workload of all agents in all channels in one table.


Create a custom view using multiple filters from location to agent status.


Reassign agents to other groups if an issue experiences increased customer requests.

Customize the table view

Choose the columns you’d like to see, making the view relevant to your needs. 

Set agent capacity

Having more incoming requests than usual? You can adjust agents' chat, call, or ticket capacity to meet your needs.

See Control Room in action

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