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Fix your biggest product issues by uncovering broken flows

Get an in-depth view of what customers are struggling with by viewing which articles agents link most often to tickets.

Top issues
Top Issues
Top Issues

How does it work?

Get actionable data on issues customers most often get in touch about.

See what customers struggle with most by viewing the articles that agents linked to tickets often.

Customize queries with filters such as timeframe, language, issue type and categories.

Transform data into actions

Optimize existing content

Optimize your articles to give customers the precise answers they’re looking for so they won’t need to contact you. 

Optimize existing content

Impact your product roadmap

Help the product team identify problematic product flows by surfacing issues that customers struggle with most often.

Bridge knowledge gaps

Your current information might not be enough. Consider creating additional articles on an issue to give customers the full picture.

See top issues in action.

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