Manage Tickets from Multiple Channels

Easily manage, track and prioritize tickets from email, phone, Facebook and more in one place—your ticketing system.


Easily Track & Respond to Tickets

The Wix Answers ticketing system makes it easier to communicate with your customers. Keep track of ticket information, add labels to tickets and assign them to your agents. Add knowledge base articles, images and files to any ticket and see who’s contacted you, where they’re from and more.

Learn how to set up your ticketing system with this video tutorial.


Answer Tickets More Efficiently

Rule Engine

Create Automatic Actions that are triggered whenever a specific action takes place - saving you time and effort.

Smart Suggestions

With Smart Suggestions, you’ll receive automated recommendations based on what your customers are asking in their support tickets.

Saved Replies

Create automatic replies ahead of time and respond to any question in an instant to give your customers faster, better support.

Send Articles

Search for knowledge base articles, tutorials, FAQs and more, and share them with customers right from your ticketing software.


Get Valuable
Customer Information

Add custom fields to your contact forms, website or help widget to get the customer information you need. You can filter to find specific data in your ticketing system, and you’ll get more accurate insights into what your customers need, so that you can move your business forward.


Optimize Your
Team’s Workflow

Help your team work more efficiently to support your customers. Assign issues to groups or individuals so that they’re channeled to the right place in your ticketing system, and keep track of who’s answering tickets in real time.


Make Team Communication Easier

Add internal notes to a team or individual discussion to help you stay up to date, or send an announcement to your entire team. Your agents will get an instant notification whenever they’re mentioned in a ticket, so that they can take action.


Track Performance & Get Customer Insights

Monitor your agents’ performance and gain valuable information about your customers from your ticketing system. All of your stats appear in one place - response times, group or individual performance, customer satisfaction rating and more. And with advanced filtering, you can drill down to find the information you need, exactly when you need it.


More Features You’ll Love

Multilingual Support

Talk to your customers in their own language, no matter where they are in the world.

Customizable Email Templates

Choose a template for your emails and customize them with your business’ logo and colors.

Web Hooks & API

Build powerful integrations with Wix Answers APIs that leverage your tickets, users, knowledge base, and much more.

Help Widget

Add a help widget to any part of your website, so that customers can get in touch in a click.

Ticket History Log

Keep track of any ticket-related information in a timeline that gives you an at-a-glance view of customer queries.

Advanced Filtering

Set filters in the system to help you search for specific information and stay organized.


Support Your Customers from Every Channel

Use the ticketing software that lets you easily manage, track and prioritize customer requests to give better, more efficient support.




Get Wix Answers, the help desk software that makes it easy to support your customers. Wix Answers comes with live chat, a help center, ticketing system, and built-in call center. With our easy to use customer support software, you’ll have all the tools you need to support your customers and your business.

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