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A single timeline for communication

Provide an intuitive and consistent experience for customers and agents by consolidating all channels. See customer info and previous interactions to get the full context in one view and reduce repetitive work by utilizing automatic actions.

One view that gives you the full picture

See your customers interaction history in a single timeline view for all channels. No need to waste time searching in another system, allowing agents to resolve cases quickly and accurately.

See the source of the ticket

You’ll know exactly where your customers came from, whether it’s email, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other channels.

Change ticket owner

Assign a conversation to an agent who has the needed expertise or previously communicated with the customer to provide a more intuitive experience.

Transfer to a different queue 

A ticket needs to be handled by specific agents? Set up a rule to move tickets to the relevant queue or group automatically.

Add or edit labels 

Create an unlimited number of labels to prioritize, track and organize incoming tickets, without wasting time on manual actions.

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One view that gives the full cutomer context
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AI powered reply box

The AI powered reply box. Built to make agents faster

Whether they’re veterans or newly onboarded, let your agents provide faster and more accurate answers with absolute confidence.

AI-generated replies

Let the reply-box do the work for you. Use AI-powered suggestions to save time and provide accurate answers, keeping all agents aligned.

Saved replies

Stop writing the same responses from scratch over and over again by creating canned replies for regularly used phrases, greetings, or full replies.

Utilize articles for replies

Experienced and newly onboarded agents can attach, link and copy-paste articles to keep replies accurate and consistent.

Collaborate better

CC other agents and stakeholders through the reply box to keep everyone in the loop about specific customer cases.

Internal notes

Avoid switching tabs by providing detailed information with internal notes that are only visible to your teams in the same ticket timeline.

“By switching to Answers, we are now able to automate time-sensitive processes without any dev work. The biggest win for us was eliminating the need for multiple vendors—everything is now in one place and easy to use, remotely or in-office.”

Yakir Lasry

VP Customer Relations

Get to know your customer through a single view

Don’t make customers feel like you have no clue who they are. All information is easily accessible to resolve issues fast and keep satisfaction high.

Custom fields

See in-context information on an issue within the same ticket timeline by creating unlimited custom forms for specific support funnels.

Integrations & data

Integrate tools you use to ensure workflows aren’t interrupted when handling customer cases. Connect Salesforce, Jira, Slack, HubSpot, and more.

Essential customer info

The side panel holds customers' communication history and account information, providing in-depth contextual information for fast and accurate responses. 

Technical customer details

Get all the in-detail data you need, such as browser version or device type, without having to ping-pong and quickly solve straightforward cases.

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Customer info panel

We don’t make the rules. You do.

Create custom workflows

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Speed up, simplify and avoid errors by easily executing repetitive tasks through shortcuts that apply a set of actions with one click. 

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Set timeframe targets for responding or resolving tickets. Analyze, display and customize data that shows how well your team is meeting SLA goals.

Automatic Actions
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Automatic Actions

Prevent repetitive tasks like changing ticket status, applying SLA policies and adding labels through predefined conditions such as keywords, contact source and more.

How to manage tickets with One Inbox

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More features you’ll love:


Improve your customers’ experience by letting data from linked tickets on support issues and product gaps drive your day-to-day decisions.

Webhooks & API

Build powerful integrations with Wix Answers APIs that leverage your tickets, users, knowledge base, and much more.

Help widget

Enable customers to start a conversation within the product flow or website. Add as many widgets as you need to offer in-context support and meeting customers where they need you most.

Top issues

Identify what customers are struggling with most based on article linking in the reply box and recurring keywords.

Advanced filtering

Set unlimited filters to easily find specific customer cases or tickets within categories.

Bulk actions

Get repetitive actions done in one go by assigning multiple tickets to the right groups, languages and labels directly from the ticket list.

Multilingual support

Support customers in their native language and sort tickets in language-based queues so queries don’t fall through the cracks.

Customizable email templates

Configure your own templates with design tailored to your brand that includes your logo, so customers can immediately tell who’s getting in touch.

“With Answers, we were able to consolidate our solution into one system with dedicated queues. It saves us time and costs while ensuring that customers get the high-level support they need.”

Doron Pryluk

VP of Customer Experience

Effortlessly communicate with customers from a single view.

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