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How MyHeritage achieved a 97% self-service success rate with an all-in-one platform

OVERVIEW: MyHeritage is the leading global discovery platform for family history and DNA testing. It lets anyone discover, preserve and share family history easily by providing access to family tree building technologies, billions of historical documents, and DNA tests.



INDUSTRY:  Family History, DNA kits

OFFICES: Israel, USA, Ukraine



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"By switching to Answers, we've cut our response time to under 30 seconds by automating time-sensitive processes. But, the biggest win was eliminating the need for multiple vendors—everything is now in one place and easy to use, remotely or in-office.”


Yakir Lasry

VP of Customer Relations at MyHeritage

The Challenge.

MyHeritage needed a consolidated support solution that would:

1. Remove the need for multiple vendors to increase productivity without wasting resources, and serve customers more efficiently by consolidating all systems into one

2. Optimize global support operations through automated flows that would eliminate unnecessary manual actions

3. Increase customer satisfaction ​​by unifying ticketing and knowledge base to enable agents to consistently provide the right answers

4. Easily manage and translate ​​articles within their knowledge base in 15 languages

When Yakir Lasry, VP of Customer Relations at MyHeritage, started looking for a more suitable solution, he was tired of dealing with a support provider he felt was disengaged from what support actually means. He was looking for a company that could relate to the issues they were dealing with. Answers stood out to Yakir as a solution that was created out of day-to-day support pain points inside Wix’s customer solutions department.


The impact with Answers.

MyHeritage needed a solution with one system for all channels that had the complete flexibility they “couldn’t find with other support solution companies.”

01. One system for all channels killed the need for multiple vendors

The most significant value Answers offered MyHeritage was removing the need for multiple vendors, making their support organisation more efficient and productive. 


With an exponential growth in customers, they had simply outgrown their previous system and were looking for a solution that was easy to use and could quickly scale their support operations. As Yakir points out, “the last system was ok with 10 agents — not with hundreds.” 


For Yakir, having one, simple UI across all channels was a high priority. “If I have to spend hours training an agent, it's a waste of time. With Answers, the UI is super simple. I can take anyone, even someone who never worked with support or a ticketing system and onboard them quickly. Previously, it took us a full day. Now it's a matter of just a quick overview and they’re ready to answer tickets.”


The fact is, if you don’t make it easy for customers to contact you, most of them will leave instead of complain. This made the integration of ticketing and knowledge base a game changer for MyHeritage. Customers can find answers easily and get in touch from the same place, if they don’t find what they’re looking for.


By moving to a system that aligned all channels, agents now have the knowledge base as a resource to answer tickets via the AI-powered reply box. This generates articles according to the keywords within the ticket. A whole article can be placed in the reply or given as a link. This feature  keeps agents’ answers aligned and consistently correct at all times, resulting in a better user experience for their customers.

“As a VP, I was always looking for something that is omnichannel. Something that I don’t have to deal with a phone provider on one end, an email provider at another end, a ticketing system, help center, and separate statistics. Answers was able to provide us with a system that consolidates all these channels.” Yakir Lasry, VP Customer Relations

The new system also has the added advantage of making it easier to communicate with product managers as they can better understand customer issues. By seeing the articles that are most often linked to tickets, they can identify which flows are problematic and make the necessary product fixes.

02. Automatic actions streamlined support operations by minimizing workflows

Switching solutions allowed MyHeritage to cut their automatic actions from 1400 to 50 while keeping the same functions. In their old system, one condition equaled one action. With Answers, 5 conditions can create up to 3 actions. This simplified work processes significantly, making them more manageable. They can now easily add new actions without a significant time commitment. 


To save time and ensure that tickets don’t fall through the cracks, groups and queues were implemented. By “reading” the content, the system automatically moves the ticket to the correct queue without the need for dev involvement. This is especially important for privacy issues, urgent cases and sensitive tickets. Tickets are automatically assigned to the right agents, preventing angry customers and possible legal implications.


Their previous system had several essential features missing such as reply templates and shortcuts. Agents used to have to copy-paste templates. Now they can use AI-generated internal articles within the reply box without the need to search. This has allowed them to go from replying in minutes to under 30 seconds. 

Agents can also use hashtags to answer tickets using personal and shared templates. Previously, these had to be copy-pasted from another system. This solved one of the company's biggest pain points –  wasting time resources -– saving one minute per reply multiplied by hundreds of agents. That's a significant number which has enabled MyHeritage’s first-response time to go from more than 24 hours to just a few hours.

According to Yakir, “We close many more tickets with the same amount of agents through improving the system. My reps now have the right tools and heightened work satisfaction by preventing mind-numbing actions, saving time for both agents and customers.”

03. Boosted customer satisfaction through smart self-service

Enabling customers to easily find their own answers is essential for MyHeritage. Customers can now quickly find answers in the help center with a highly accurate search function. With the Answers help widget, they can now deliver knowledge to their customers anywhere in the website or product. Additionally, actions such as cancelling a free trial can now be done with one click from the help center without needing to open a ticket. This has led to a 97% self-service success rate since they started using Answers — a 14% increase from their previous solution.

04. Seamless migration of all content and resources

For Yakir, the personal relationship with the company that provides the support solution is paramount. Especially during onboarding, it was essential to implement a flexible system that suited their needs.

“The biggest plus was the partnership: flexible and reliable. Personal relationships are a big thing for us. As a manager especially you don't want to move systems. But the onboarding was so easy and smooth. Moving clients, hundreds of agents and integrating the KB, ticketing, configuring rules – something that should have been a HUGE headache – was easy and fast,” Yakir recalls.

05. A go-to knowledge resource for employees

The internal knowledge base is largely used to clarify and align procedures for all types of scenarios such as billing workflows. When you have 4 call centers in 15 different languages, having a knowledge resource becomes especially important. This is a major time saver for the support department who uses an internal widget connected to the knowledge base within the ticketing system that gives the correct process. This keeps them from having to look up procedures in another system. For new agents, especially ones that start remotely, the widget serves as a library for onboarding and training.

What’s Next?

Moving forward, MyHeritage is in the process of starting to use the Answers Call Center. 

They will also keep using the data Answers provides to understand and fix difficult flows and find ways to improve their product that will reduce tickets.

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