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Flexible and easy customer support software for enterprises

The only enterprise-grade helpdesk software without all the complexity and limitations. Designed to increase workforce efficiency and provide superior customer experiences.

Increased flexibility

Knowledge-centric approach

Better CX

Effortless scalability

Customer-first, no matter the volume 

Get the visibility of your support performance in real time and equip your team with the tools to provide personalized support at scale. With a 360-degree view of the customer, your workforce can stay laser-focused on engaging with them, spend less time on guesswork and view support history—all from the same tab.

Easily adapt to meet.png

Easily adapt to meet evolving business needs

Answers offers you the flexibility and ease-of-use to stay up to support speed and meet your evolving business needs. Meaning, if you need to add one or five workflows today, you can—saving you time without relying on costly dependencies and resources. 

Increase efficiency with minimum costs

Help your agents work smarter, not harder, with one inbox. View customer tickets and info from all channels in one place, eliminating guesswork and switching tabs. Control Room enables managers to monitor agent performance in real time across all support channels, and pivot their support workforce instantly.

Increase efficiency2.png
Increase efficiency.png

Knowledge at your fingertips

Answers knowledge management software is fully integrated into all customer support channels within the platform. Embeddable help widgets make it easier for customers and agents to find what they need, right when they need it, so teams can focus on complex issues. The best part? Cut down on costs, have happier customers, and streamline internal processes.

Is your customer support tech stack enterprise-ready for 2021?

Nobody likes an overcomplicated support stack, especially when your teams are working across locations. We’ve identified 4 crucial, yet universal areas that make up a modern enterprise customer support solution:

Assess your current stack, and get tailored tips for improving it in 2021—in less than 3 minutes. 

CS tools

CS tools

CS tools

CS tools

You’re a partner, not an account

We’re a committed team of support professionals and account managers willing to go the extra mile for you. 

Your priorities are ours

We’re a committed team of support professionals and account managers willing to go the extra mile for you.

Our platform is modular

Our room-to-grow approach allows you to add one feature, and the next when you’re ready. No need to be tied down to buying a packaged deal.

We can get your C-level on board

Moving customer support up the chain is a challenge. We’ll help turn the idea of cost, efficiency, growth and happy customers, into a reality.

Why we’re different

Wix Answers was built by agents from the ground up to fit the changing needs of Wix and its fast-growing user base. Today, Answers is currently used by Wix to support its 180M users across 11 global customer care sites.

What’s in it for you

We know support.

With our support expertise, we can quickly understand your needs, challenges and ways of working. With that, we’ll configure and adjust the platform to meet your unique goals. 

We know what works.

Every trend has an end, which is why we don’t follow ‘em. We create and test everything to make sure the feature, tool or whatever it may be makes a difference to businesses when supporting their workforce and customers.  

We know how to scale.

We know the quest to scale a support operation and know what it takes to drive change—whether it’s ticket deflection, providing multilingual support, viewing customer data across all channels, we’ve seen it all. 

See how Answers can adapt quickly to your support needs 

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