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How Getty Images transformed its self-service solution in over 10 languages

How Viber enables seamless connection between support and self-service with Answers

How Guesty achieved 75% one-touch resolution by consolidating all channels


How Yotpo increased its CSAT by 23% and improved team efficiency

How switching to an all-in-one platform let MyHeritage achieve 97% self service success

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How Wonderbly increased ticket response speed by 15% with an intuitive platform

How Regiondo used Answers to grow their self-service engagement by 60%

How a small team at Faster Law brings maximum support efficiency with Answers 

How Customily used Answers to accelerate their first response time by 40% 

How Lingopie halved response time without compromising on handheld support

What our customers are saying

“The process of transferring articles to Answers was smooth and easy to implement. We were able to put all content and data in one place without needing additional products.”

Darren Vandervort

Product Manager at Getty Images

“With Answers, we were able to consolidate our solution into one system. It saves us time and costs while ensuring that customers get the high-level support they need.”

Doron Pryluk

VP of Customer Experience at Guesty

“By switching to Answers, we've cut our response time to under 30 seconds by automating time-sensitive processes. We eliminated the need for multiple vendors—everything is now in one place and easy to use.”

Yakir Lasry

VP of Customer Relations at My Heritage

“Wix Answers gives us a clear understanding of our users’ needs and pain points. With this data, we’ve been able to improve our CSAT by 23%.”

Danny Pinto

Director of Global Support at Yotpo

“Wix Answers was so communicative and supportive especially in the onboarding phase, the time when you really need that extra bit of help to get a hang of it. That completely shaped our partnership.”

Alexander Bechte

Product Manager at Regiondo

“With Wix Answers, we've increased our ticket response speed by 15%. The platform’s intuitive interface enables us to train our agents faster and quickly make changes to our knowledge base!”

Charissa Welkie

Head of Happiness at Wonderbly

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