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How Lingopie halved response time without compromising on handheld support

OVERVIEW: Lingopie’s completely unique language-learning platform allows its users to turn watching their favorite shows and movies into a language lesson through interactive learning tools.



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“A good tool is something you don’t have to invest lots of time and energy into, with Answers it takes zero effort.”


David Datny

CEO of Lingopie

The challenge.

Lingopie needed a support solution that would allow them to:

  1. Scale quickly without losing ease-of-use 

  2. Onboard new agents without difficulty in a short time span 

  3. Streamline processes and organize all aspects of support within one system


Lingopie product

The impact.

When Lingopie suddenly started growing 12% every month, they realized that the support solution they were using just wasn’t scalable. They needed a solution that would let them manage incoming tickets and queues better, create groups, as well as saved replies, all while keeping its simplicity and ease of use.

1. An easy-to-use solution that creates fast but human interactions

To Lingopie, finding the happy medium between a quick resolution of customer cases while still having very personal customer-agent interactions is essential. As Lingopies product is B2C, it’s important to not make customers feel like they’re interacting with an AI chat or ticketing system.


As David Datny, CEO and founder of Lingopie puts it, “this is the first impression customers get of you and creates company proof and trust -  good customer service simply put directly translates into dollars.”  


“We don’t follow major KPIs apart from clearing all tickets by the end of the day, but we do strive for 6 hours. Before our resolution time was at least 24h. Now, with Answers, we usually hit our 6-hour goal.” - Samuel Medalie,  Head of Customer Success 


Samuel points out that because they’re able to answer more quickly, even if customers are upset they come back with good feedback.


Agents mainly use their own pre-written saved replies that can be used cross-team, to give a personalized support experience. They use articles as links within replies to provide further clarification and an option for advanced reading on a topic. A combination of human interaction and straightforward instructions through articles is the preferred way of doing support for Lingopie. 


Lingopies’ philosophy balances a very personal approach to their customers while also being as efficient and informative as possible.


“We don’t want customers to feel their question is being shot in the air, we’re really about handheld support, the nature of our product demands that.”  - Samuel Medalie, Head of Customer Success


In order to keep an eye on issues and product difficulties, as well as keeping customer support processes streamlined, Lingopei makes use of labels that filter and categorize customer requests. 

“We bring out a lot of new features and if you don’t have a direct line to the customer a company is essentially blind. Customer success creates a connection to the customer that allows us to understand how they use the product and if we need to improve something.” -  David Datny, CEO

2. A support tool that makes it easy to onboard from multiple locations 


“It has been super simple, and easy for our new agents to onboard.” - Samuel Medalie, Head of Customer Success


All of Lingopie’s support is remote, so the support system has to be fuss-free and easy to understand. As they’re a small team, all support agents need to be completely familiar with the entire product.


“Having a system that is technically simple to navigate with a strong and easy-to-understand UI is the most crucial “product” for Lingopie and something that was previously missing.”
- David Datny, CEO

“In this case, less is more,” remarks David referring to the straightforwardness of Answers, which isn't feature intense, forcing agents and managers to learn multiple processes. “A good tool is something you don’t have to invest lots of time and energy into, something that takes zero effort.”


With all agents working remotely, the system and processes needed to be straightforward. Agents are the direct connection to customers, meaning it’s doubly important that they get the hang of the system without frustration and be able to quickly jump into using it.


3. Self service that empowers customers to only open necessary conversations


“Our product is a b2c product and not too complicated, so customers can answer many questions themselves and create articles easily from trending searches.” - David Datny, CEO of Lingopie

While Lingopie’s focus isn’t primarily ticket deflection they are very focused on providing support articles and giving customers the opportunity and the tools to help themselves, if that’s what they prefer.


The help center was easy to create, remarks Samuel, allowing support and the marketing department, who writes the articles, to seamlessly collaborate.


4. A provider that’s also a partner


“You don't want headaches that distract and take away attention from what matters, communicating with customers.” David Datny - CEO

One of the things that David and Samuel appreciate most about working with Answers, is that it’s not simply the solution itself that works well for them. But, also the partnership with the Answers team that helped with onboarding and is always available to assist and has an open ear to feedback even after 2 years of being with Answers. 


“A big part of the great experience with Answers was being consistently treated like a VIP, even if you’re a start-up," says Samuel. “Meaning, no matter what, feedback questions or anything else there is always someone listening and doing their best to get our challenges solved.” 

What’s next?

Lingopie’s focus for the next year will be to implement chat with their growing support team. Additionally, they will be making use of feature requests and implementing them, so customers can take an active role in which products come next.

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