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How fitDEGREE increased efficiency while keeping their customer connection


OVERVIEW: fitDEGREE is a cloud-based management solution for yoga and fitness studios. It allows users to schedule classes, appointments, events as well as memberships, discounts, payroll, and automated reminders.



INDUSTRY:  Fitness

OFFICES: Philadelphia, US



Knowledge Base


Live Chat



“I’m drawn to communities, and our company is a real community. That’s something we also found at Answers. They’re so communicative and responsive - that's completely our wavelength”

Megan Mclean fitDEGREE .png

Megan Mclean

Head of Customer Success at fitDEGREE

The challenges.

fitDEGREE needed a support solution that would allow them to:

  1. Give customers the tools to empower themselves through self-service 

  2. Stay stress-free and organized with an uncomplicated but fully thought out customer support software

  3. Easily onboard new team members with a fuss-free UI


FitDEGREE product

The impact.

fitDEGREE decided to move away from their previous leading support software because they needed a system that focused on ease of use, had an intuitive interface, and simple-to-create automations.

Self-service that empowers customers with the right tools

fitDEGREE is very close to their “Fitfam”, their tight-knit customer community, which has a very active Facebook group. That makes self-service a major focus of fitDEGREEs customer success strategy, empowering the community with the tools to help themselves. 


With their previous software, the Knowledge Base was entirely disorganized. It was so hard to use, it created major issues and would use up a lot of valuable time that needed to be focused elsewhere and created a lot of unnecessary stress. Megan Mclean, fitDEGREEs customer success manager who handles the support day to day points out that the switch has made a big change to daily tasks: “it is now so much easier to pop up an article, especially for more advanced questions.” 


Articles are also essential to customer communication. It’s one of the main tools fitDEGREE uses to reply to customer queries in the most efficient and informative way possible. Additionally, in order to understand what customers are missing, they use feature requests, allowing them to improve products as well as articles for more complicated flows. 


Since hiring an additional agent to help support the increasing number of customers, they started using the articles as onboarding material, to help new employees understand and familiarize themselves in-detail with the product and processes.

An organized inbox that allows easy transitions

fitDEGREEs favorite thing about Answers is the ease of use and the way Answers is organized. As a start-up, fitDEGREE was in need of an easy-to-understand, no-nonsense system that allows them to focus on training new staff and have them onboard quickly while still avoiding robotic customer replies.

"They no longer wanted to be stressed by complex support processes. Rather than wasting time on understanding the system, they wanted to focus valuable time on improving customer experiences."

Now, after just a few months, they know the Answers platform “like the back of their hand.”  The simplicity of the platform is the most crucial thing for fitDEGREE, as Megan points out, “nothing is more than 2 clicks away” from the small things that were problematic before, like attaching a document and creating macros. Now, they can simply drag and drop a file. Macros, are very easy to create and help them to condense actions and provide faster answers, without giving robotic replies. When it came to creating saved replies to quicken response time, it was quick and easy. So much so, that they were able to create them all in one day, says Megan.


According to Megan, Answers “brings everything together, everything team members need is ready to go and response time has been cut in half - before it took 40 min, now it takes 20 min to do a ticket.”


There’s more transparency through organized ticket groups. Nick Dennis, fitDEGREEs CEO can now skim the channel, and quickly get an idea of any open or pressing issues.

A lot of their previous pain points have now been solved. A case in point is the chat function. A major game-changer was the ability to set hours, as Megan points out, “you can set hours with Answers, meaning we no longer have to worry about that. With our previous solution, we needed to manually set the chat function on and off. Because we’re human we can forget to set it off and then customers are wondering why they’re not getting any responses on the chat even though we say we’re online.”

Partnership instead of just another support suite


“I’m drawn to communities, and our company is a real community for our Fitfam. That’s something we also found at Answers, they’re so communicative and responsive and that's completely our wavelength” - Megan Mclean, Head of Customer Success at fitDEGREE 


To fitDEGREE, fostering and keeping community at the center of their everyday business approach is central. This is one of the main things they love about Answers. They found the same commitment to not only provide an excellent product but uphold partnership and communication throughout with customers. As Megan points out, “if we need anything we can just send a message and get an immediate reply from Answers. That’s not something we experienced with our previous support solution.”

What’s next?

Once their new team members are onboarded, they want to focus on more internal KPI’s, especially utilizing the Knowledge Base for admin. Additionally, they want to create more specific groups within the ticketing system, so agents can focus on specific areas when giving support, providing a more tailored experience for their “fitfam”.

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