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How Customily used Answers to accelerate their first response time by 40% 

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OVERVIEW: Customily is an online product personalization software that allows e-commerce businesses to let their own customers customize products within their online store.



INDUSTRY:  E-commerce

OFFICES: St Louis, Missouri



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“With Wix Answers, we were able to reduce our time to value, so customers could benefit from our tool right away. Our churn has gone down 2% especially during the first months of usage of our software!”

Martina Möring

Martina Möring

COO and co-founder of Customily

The challenge.

Customily needed a support solution that would allow them to:

  1. Deflect straightforward questions with easy to navigate and accessible self-service 

  2. Move away from a scattered and clunky multi-vendor system

  3. Retain customers with a support tool that promoted productivity

  4. Onboard new employees with minimal effort

Answers widget inside Customily’s app

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The impact.

Customily’s mission is to help stores design, sell, and print personalized products fast and effectively. Because of their dynamic environment, they needed a multi-purpose system with ease-of-use for employees and customers alike. With Retention being a big factor, the system needed to run smoothly and be easy to get the hang of.

1. An elegant, professional and code-free self-service solution to allow customers to help themselves 

Customily previously used a combination of mail and PDF tutorials but needed a solution that would allow customers to easily find answers themselves, instead of opening tickets for simple questions. As they were already using Wix for their Website, they were confident to also use Wix Answers as their support solution. “What sold me was that the help center offered is the exact same as the one used by Wix themselves. So, knowing that my company could have something with the same level of professionality, with 0 code needed, made the choice simple,” says Martina Möring, COO and co-founder of Customily.

The possibility of building a professional knowledge base in a very short time was another factor. With a small team and a quickly growing business, having a help center that's branded, easily built, and quickly expanded was paramount.

On top of that, it was necessary to have a help center that would deter tickets, mainly for straightforward questions that pile up and become time consuming. Since most customers come with questions that can easily be answered with an article instead of a support ping pong, it became a major focus to add as many articles as possible to the help center to lessen the volume of incoming support tickets. “After organizing all the information, and laying it out on the help center, we could better understand where we were lacking, what were the main things our customers could not figure out by themselves and we could double our efforts on that,” Martina remarks.

“We’ve seen a clear development since introducing the knowledge base. The more articles we add, the fewer tickets are opened. After reading an article only 2% of our customers submit a ticket, which means our self-serve rates are very high!” - Martina Möring, COO and co-founder of Customily

The in-app widget has been a key feature to reducing those incoming tickets.

“We have multiple apps for different eCommerce platforms, and having the ability to filter our knowledge and have a widget built specifically for that is amazing. We don’t overwhelm customers with information irrelevant to them, and they can have everything at the tip of their fingers,” says Martina.

2. A support tool that removes the need for multiple channels

While the company's head of customer success now oversees agents and the day-to-day support, Martina herself handled support and implemented Wix Answers 2 years ago.

“Now that we have it, I could not live without the Answers ticketing system.”

A big factor for Martina was having all queries in a well-organized system so nothing falls between the cracks and agents don’t have to waste time while replying. She particularly appreciates the ability to easily assign queries to agents with priorities and timeframes. “It makes us a lot more productive, and our customers happier. One thing I love is customer history. Not only can we quickly see what other questions our customers made, but we can clearly understand how they start to learn and answer questions by themselves using the help center,” Martina remarks.

Retention is a major concern for Customily and giving the right amount of support is a central factor in keeping customers. This begins with providing contextual support by having widgets within the product flow so that customers can access articles from the help center and don’t get frustrated while using the product.

The company also concentrates on continuously optimizing communication with a very personal approach to messaging since they are very close to their customers. That means, finding the right balance between automating answers and sending a real message is key.

 “Supported customers are happy customers, and happy customers are retained ones. Our churn has gone down 2% especially during the first months of usage of our software. With Wix Answers we were able to reduce our time to value, so customers could benefit from our tool right away!”

The company was able to streamline and centralize support in one place, meaning efficiency has improved immensely. What used to be a conversation with the customer between multiple apps: by mail, with a teammate on slack and flagging information about the customer on a CRM, it now all happens within Wix Answers, saving agents time and reducing the time customers have to wait for a response. 

“Our first response is down to 1hr average, 40% faster than our previous email system. And we are resolving any issue in less than 2 days.”

For Martina, the connectivity between channels is one of the best things about Answers. “Having the knowledge base connected with the ticketing system, so that agents can answer with links to the help center is not only fast, but it also points our customers in the right direction.”  This means that next time,  before opening a ticket, customers know they can get most of the answers themselves if they search the knowledge base.

3. Onboarding for new employees made simple

Due to the complexity of Customily’s product, it has a steep learning curve, which makes the onboarding process for new employees challenging. 

“Having the help center, helped us organize all our learning materials. Not only for our customers but for ourselves.”

Not only was the company able to build a path for customers to onboard themselves, with little to no guidance from the support team, but it also allowed new employees to educate themselves and continuously have a reference for product knowledge. 

What’s Next?

Moving forward, Customily wants to keep scaling their support operations by improving their self-serve support, allowing customers to continuously find answers by themselves, and independently navigating the software.

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