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How Faster Law creates a seamless support experience with a small team 

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OVERVIEW: Faster Law is a legal suite of tools that optimizes Clio, a legal software solution for law practices that helps manage cases, client intake, and billing among other things.



INDUSTRY: Legal software suite

OFFICES: United States



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“The great thing about Answers is the connectivity between the different channels and having everything in one system.”

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Tony Valenti

Founder and Developer at FasterLaw 

The Challenge.

​Faster Law needed a customer support solution that would allow them to:

  • Have a small team handle all aspects of customer support in a time-conscious and uncomplicated way

  • Deflect tickets with an efficient self-service solution that can be used for customers and employees alike

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Faster Law Help Center

The impact.

As a small business, Faster Law needed an efficient system for customers and employees alike that would involve minimal time and effort to operate. The size of the company demands that all employees function as a jack of all trades. Meaning, all employees have a hand in most departments and can’t waste time on an inefficient support system. It has to function smoothly, give the full customer info, and provide a great self-service option for customers to help themselves.

An efficient system for all channels that can be managed by a small team

Lawyers need software to help them efficiently manage cases and client details but hate to waste time and often don’t have the capacity to learn a complicated system. This is where Faster Law steps in, alleviating the stress of these processes and making them run smoothly. 

Prior to switching to Answers, the company was using Skype, which made it impossible to request calls, accept voicemails or tickets. Everything had to be handled separately and created a completely disorganized support flow.

“Due to the nature of our business, it is even more crucial for us to provide this customer group that has high standards with an excellent service.” - Tony Valenti, Founder and Developer at FasterLaw 

Day-to-day support operations are handled by 3 people, depending on who’s available. The knowledge base and call center serve as the main support channels and there’s no specific team member assigned to the job, so it needs to be easy to use. 

“The great thing about Answers is the connectivity between the different channels and having everything in one system. We usually prefer speaking directly to the client, so once a ticket is opened, we immediately call that person or shoot a quick answer, often with the help of an article.”

The full integration of all channels saves the company time and makes them far more efficient. The biggest change, however, is the shared content, something that wasn’t previously possible. Now all customer info is viewable in one place, whether a ticket is being replied to or a call is made - no matter who opens the customer request.

The companies time-to-respond is now about an hour, largely down to having the ability to streamline support flows, thanks to the connectivity of the system. While they do not measure specific KPIs, because it’s currently not necessary due to the teams’ size, the positive changes in team efficiency and ease of use overall can be felt on a daily basis. 

Self-service that deflects tickets by allowing customers to help themselves 

“Articles are our main source to explain things, it brings everything together, the help center  and ticketing.”

- Tony Valenti, Founder and Developer at FasterLaw


Tony's support philosophy strongly relies on getting to the bottom line as soon as possible, “I can answer the question once or answer, again and again. And the easiest way to answer once is with an article.”

There’s one team member who takes care of the articles, managing them and writing the articles, next to a multitude of other responsibilities. That makes it crucial to have a system with a clear UI and a quick and easy way to edit articles. According to Tony, getting familiar with the knowledge management system, “only took us 1-2 days to get the hang of. Using articles and creating them is really easy for everyone to do.”

The company puts a strong focus on creating good help articles, in order to deflect tickets and avoid confusion. Especially throughout the product flow, displaying the right articles via the widget is a crucial feature to provide the lawyers using the system with a cohesive experience. 

A help center for onboarding new staff

The articles are used both internally and externally, for the onboarding of new employees and customers alike. When onboarding a new staff member recently, the help center was used to familiarize the new team member with detailed product flows and the system itself. This is especially important because the team is very small and familiarizing a new team member with the product is a big undertaking - simplified by using the articles with in-detail product explanations to accompany the onboarding process.

A partnership, not simply a product

A crucial factor for Faster Law was to find a company that would really listen and not leave them hanging when they needed help. As a small company, it’s sometimes difficult to be heard or have feedback taken seriously. But exactly that is of the utmost importance with a small business, where resources and time are tighter than in a larger company.

“What we love about Answers is the partnership aspect and that Answers is really open to our feedback.” - Tony Valenti, Founder and Developer at FasterLaw

What’s Next?

Moving forward, Faster Law wants to keep the emphasis on creating informative articles, to make sure that the team is not overwhelmed as the company grows. Additionally, they want to make use of the insights tool Answers provides to optimize the self-service experience.

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