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How Yotpo increased its CSAT and improved team efficiency

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OVERVIEW: Like many startups, Yotpo realized it needed a customer support software to serve the growing user base of its marketing platform. It provides solutions to online businesses for user-generated content such as reviews, loyalty, referrals, community QA and photos and then leverages that content across the Web.



INDUSTRY:  eCommerce

OFFICES: Tel Aviv, London, New York, and Boston



Knowledge Base


"Our entire processes and communication changed because we now have a structured, up to date knowledge base."

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Danny Pinto

Director of Global Support


"Everything was quick to get a hang of and that’s coming from someone who usually doesn’t work on articles in the backend, so I had minimal experience."

Once they knew what they needed in a customer support platform, they were better prepared to find a more user-friendly alternative.




Yotpo’s biggest pain point was not having a knowledge base for internal processes and customers alike. They wanted to create a single source of knowledge that would be easily accessible to both customers and agents. After exploring different customer support solutions, Yotpo found a fit in Wix Answers. Today, Yotpo’s knowledge base is filled with over 600 support articles. These are all sorted into searchable categories, to help its users find the right information and guide them into using the Yotpo suite.


Agents use the knowledge base to answer tickets more efficiently by easily accessing relevant articles. They also use it to troubleshoot complicated flows and optimize internal processes.

The internal knowledge base is used across all departments as one consistent source of truth in the company.

Beyond that, Yotpo is currently implementing the Answers help widget to deflect tickets and give customers the freedom to find answers quickly on their own from anywhere in the product flows. Providing the right article in the right place has optimized their customers’ experience and keeps them from having to reach out.


The Answers knowledge base has helped Yotpo deflect tens of thousands of customer tickets.

"Despite the increase in our monthly sign ups, the average amount of tickets opened per customer decreased as customers can help themselves largely because of our intuitive Wix Answers self-service center,” said Danny.

This has freed up Yotpo’s support team to spend their time and attention on more proactive customer service. The company now uses the knowledge base to provide efficient support by making answers and troubleshooting steps readily available. This in turn has drastically affected the response time for tickets. Their response to resolution time decreased by 75% and first response time has improved by 94%. Overall, their productivity rate of agents has improved by an estimated 60% due to “knowledge being immediately available, the ease of use and the ability to answer faster,” said Danny.

The knowledge base acts as a conversion tool, giving potential customers a window into the functionality of the product. This allows them to make an educated decision on whether the product is a good fit for their needs. “Out of all our new monthly customers, 90% visit our help center prior to signing up,” said Danny.

Yotpo has also benefited from the analytics and feedback tools that come as part of its support platform. “Wix Answers gives us a clear understanding of our users’ needs and pain points. With this data, we’ve been able to make our platform and our support better”, leading to a 23% improvement of their CSAT.

As Yotpo continues to transform the customer review process for hundreds of thousands of businesses globally, it will be able to rely on Answers’ customer support platform that supports and promotes its growth.

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How Yotpo increased its CSAT by 23% and improved team efficiency

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