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How Getty Images transformed its self-service solution in over 10 languages

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OVERVIEW: Getty is a world-renowned and award-winning distributor and creator of still imagery, video, music, multimedia products, serving businesses in more than 100 countries. With such a vast global operation, self-service is central to Getty’s customer support philosophy.





OFFICES: Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Dublin, Mumbai, Bangkok



Knowledge Base


"Wix Answers gave us the ability to create a help center exactly the way we wanted in a short time frame with zero development, minimal effort and in multiple languages."

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Darren Vandervort

Product Manager for the Media Manager, Getty Images

The Challenge.

Getty Images needed a new knowledge base solution that would:

  1. Reduce the number of support calls to account managers by enabling customers to find answers on their own from how-tos and articles.

  2. Make it easy to migrate existing content from a non-scalable system to a modern and easy content management solution.

  3. Localize content in 13 languages ​​with minimal effort and no dev dependency.

Their existing support provider’s knowledge base required extensive development that would be expensive and time-consuming. Ultimately, this drove them to look for another solution for knowledge management.

Getty Images website

The impact with Answers.

01. Localized content in 13 languages with minimal effort

The most significant value Getty gained with Answers was how easy it was to translate their content into 13 languages with no need for a dedicated team and no downtime involved.

Getty can now also localize their content in 13 languages to support customers more easily around the globe.

The Answers solution enables a combination of CrowdIn integration for translation and local account managers for proofreading. Frida Scheidhauer, a German account manager at Getty, said she only needed a “quick walkthrough of 5 minutes and I had the hang of it—the platform was completely intuitive when I started using it.”

Frida especially appreciated the attention to detail and uncomplicated editing. “To open a new field you simply need to hover, and copying or removing URLs is just super easy,” she said. “Everything was quick to get a hang of and that’s coming from someone who usually doesn’t work on articles in the backend, so I had minimal experience.”

02. Reducing the number of support calls

Answers made it easier to onboard customers, which is the most important function of Getty’s knowledge base.

When customers register with Getty, they are assigned an account manager for support.

Account managers can now provide new customers with links to knowledge base articles or how-to’s.

"Giving a general explanation and a link to the knowledge base is a far better user experience than packing a dense explanation in an email,” said Frida. “And it reassures clients they don’t have to go back and forth 100 times."

Getty’s account managers now spend more time addressing complicated technical issues or helping with aspects of onboarding that might be more challenging.

Self-service that lets customers easily find answers on their own

Answers offered Getty a stress-free transition process with a “smooth transfer of articles and easy implementation,” says Darren. Getty was able to put all content and data in one place without needing additional products such as dropbox or an asset-tracking extension.

Getty’s previous solution was structured mainly around PDF’s customers could download or account managers would send in response to a support issue. But it “was not searchable and had an outdated help menu,” explained Darren Vandervort, Getty’s product manager for their Media Manager. They wanted a more modern knowledge base and one that would allow them to easily transfer content.

Getty HC.png

Getty Images help center

03. Transferring, implementing and customizing content seamlessly

Getty decided to go with Answers when they discovered how simple transferring content would be. According to Darren, “the process of transferring the articles to Answers was smooth and easy to implement.” Darren initiated and led the transition to Answers. He liked the fact that they wouldn’t have to rewrite any content and that there wouldn’t be any extra development needed.

Customizing the knowledge base for their brand was also essential. “I got the page to look exactly how we wanted,” said Darren. “It looks amazing and was very simple.” Darren added that “it was super easy to put the help center on its own domain” with no complicated flows, developers or IT teams involved.

A company-wide knowledge go-to resource

In addition to simplifying onboarding for customers, account managers are using Getty’s knowledge base to familiarize themselves with different product flows or answer something on their own instead of having to refer to more experienced account managers.

“For us account managers, the KB functions as a modernized form of a handbook,” explained Frida. “I can actually do a search in the knowledge base by simply typing in a term and that’s it — which is fantastic and makes our work so much easier.”

What’s Next?

Moving forward, Getty is planning to use the actionable insights Answers provides to optimize their help center, add more content, including how-to videos, and embed widgets for contextual support on their website.

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