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How Artmajeur grew their business through efficient customer support

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OVERVIEW: Artmajeur is an online-only international Art Gallery and marketplace for buyers and sellers, housing 170,000 artists and 2 million works of art as well as 900,000 registered collectors.



INDUSTRY: E-commerce




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"From the start, the dev team always addressed any question we raise, no matter how painful.”

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Samuel Charmetant

CEO of Artmajeur

The Challenges.

Artmajeur needed a support solution that would allow them to:

  1. Handle a huge user base with limited staff

  2. Set-up streamlined and uncomplicated multilingual support

  3. Implement a self-service strategy to deflect basic and repetitive questions


Artmajeur platform

The impact.

Artmajeur’s mission is to help artists and art collectors sell and purchase art in an easy, and effective way that still mimics a non-digital art gallery. Because of the complex nature of an art marketplace, they needed a multi-purpose solution that served both buyers and sellers while still being manageable for employees.

A quickly set up, easy-to-use multilingual support solution that serves all business needs

Artmajeur needed a solution that would let them seamlessly address the needs of all customers in their online marketplace. 


They were able to quickly and easily set up all aspects of the solution, to support all audiences in their main languages, English and French, while planning to add more in the near future while they expand to other markets. 


To Artmajeur, support is a major part of their business strategy, to drive growth and guarantee a good customer experience. As Samuel puts it, “buyers, when they purchase artworks, want to be reassured. They want to know when they will receive their artworks and what guarantees we provide. Sellers have a lot of questions about how to promote their art, customs issues, certificates of authenticity, and so on. Answers really allow us to address both sides equally without issue.” 


For Artmajeur, it was essential that all aspects of a support solution, could also be easily set-up and managed by any employee, technical or not. They chose Answers due to the flexible multilingual solution, and the very simple to implement processes. Eliminating the need for any dev work, ensured they didn’t unnecessarily waste time or resources.

“The cost of using an efficient SaaS service fully covers the time and hassle saved by not having to develop and maintain such a system, and also having non-technical staff able to handle quite complex tasks.”
-  Samuel Charmetant, CEO of Artmajeur

A seamless out-of-the-box support solution that directly affects revenue


Onboarding was a quick and seamless process for existing employees, who were able to easily get the hang of all systems. As a manager, Samuel feels confident to scale his team in the near future, knowing he will be able to make new agents operational in no time, without a time-intensive onboarding process. 



They were able to critically improve the competence of how they provide support to their customers, may they be sellers or buyers. 


Buyers, however, are often very delicate customers. They need to be treated in the VIP way, as a lot of pieces come with a hefty price tag and wealthy buyers need a five-star experience to purchase again. 


Samuel witnessed a major improvement in sales quota, which he largely puts down to improved services for sellers and buyers through more streamlined support.


“Zendesk was super complicated, so we realized we needed something more straightforward,” says Samuel. “Before I needed a designer and dev, it was a complete hassle. Now, it's just so much simpler and more cost-effective.”
-  Samuel Charmetant, CEO of Artmajeur


A code-free self-service solution that deflects repetitive and basic questions

Their fully branded knowledge base enables Artmajeur to answer customers with ease, no matter how complex the question. 

The set-up of the knowledge base and fully branding it, without code was quick and easy. On top of that, managing and adding articles can be done by non-technical staff without issue. 

Because they currently have limited staff, there’s a high dependency on self-service that deters most tickets and is easy to manage.

While many customers still prefer to be helped by an agent, the strain on support staff is minimized by allowing customers to find answers throughout the site with multilingual knowledge base widgets.

An API that drastically improves response time and agent efficiency 

Thanks to full integration, response time has also changed for the better. As employees get more efficient with using the knowledge base and their own saved replies, they’re able to respond more confidently and quickly to customer queries. 


Artmajeurs workflows were drastically improved through Answers integration of ticketing and knowledge base, a key feature that was missing when they used Zendesk. 


On many occasions, customers create tickets for repetitive issues that come up all the time. In that case, agents now send the linked or full article through a ticket, without switching tabs or time-consuming searching. This way, customers still feel like they get human help and agents are able to work much more efficiently. 


On top of that, forwarding to the knowledge base creates amazing customer engagement for Artmajeur.

Partnership instead of a simple product purchase

When they started looking for a new solution, Artmajeur were already using Wix for their site. When they found out that Wix also had a support solution for businesses, it was a no-brainer. 


Communication and partnership are essential to Samuel and exactly what he felt was missing in their previous solution. They didn’t feel heard and that every question was an imposition. That changed with Answers.

 “From the start, aside from the fact that the software is excellent and extremely well designed and constantly evolving, the staff at Answers is very reactive. From the start, we’ve been in touch with the development staff and commercial staff. The points raised, no matter how painful,  are always addressed. We strive to attain such a level of customer service at Artmajeur.”     
-  Samuel Charmetant, CEO of Artmajeur

What’s Next?

Moving forward, Artmajeur will scale its operations, putting a higher focus on Asian audiences, and will hire more staff. In the future, they want to utilize the knowledge base for employee training, as well as making use of insights. As Samuel jokingly puts it, “at the moment insights are mostly used to make fun of the staff with the lowest satisfaction level, which is mainly me because I handle the “hard” cases.”

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