How Regiondo used Answers to grow their self-service engagement by 60%

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OVERVIEW: Regiondo is an online booking system for tour and activity providers within the leisure industry that allows its 15,000 users from 42 countries to easily manage and accept online bookings.







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“Wix Answers was so communicative and supportive especially in the onboarding phase, the time when you really need that extra bit of help to get the hang of it. That completely shaped our partnership.”

Alexander Bechte

Product Manager at Regiondo

The challenge.

Regiondo needed a knowledge management solution that would allow them to:

  • Provide self-service for a better customer experience and ticket deflection

  • Successfully create and manage hundreds of articles in multiple languages in their help center

  • Supply a tool for employee onboarding, internal communication, and finding answers

Regiondo Help Center

The impact.

Regiondo needed an intuitive system for customers and employees alike without unnecessary complexity, in multiple languages.  

Self-service to create a better customer experience and ticket deflection

Regiondo was looking for a new knowledge management solution that would take them away from their old-school PDF system which was outdated and didn’t offer customers any self-service capabilities.

The biggest concern was leaving customers hanging due to the lack of 24/7 support. Especially, as Regiondo only had 2 agents when they first joined Answers. So not providing timely responses was a huge concern, which the addition of the help center quickly solved. Now there are 20 agents, but with the assistance of self-service, ticket wait time went from 10 hours to, now, under 5 minutes. Largely, this is because of the in-product widget that allows customers to immediately find answers for specific questions, related to what they are working on.

Right after making the switch, 50 articles were created per month. Now they only update and maintain articles and make quick changes when necessary. According to Alexander, “with Answers, it’s such an easy system to write articles directly in the content manager and just click publish.”

Additionally, this system should serve as a deflection tool so customers wouldn’t have to open tickets for straightforward questions. Allowing customers to help themselves, was the preferred form of support for most customers, which became clear after publishing the help center.

The numbers speak for themselves, remarks Alexander, “between 2018 to 2020 our article views went up by 60%.”

The help center also serves as a source for knowledge on how well a product is used and whether it needs to be improved, based on keywords in searches and article views.

According to Alexander, “we can easily identify the top keywords and articles customers are most interested in. We can use Answers to see which articles and why customers are searching for them. For us, this is an indicator to change or improve an article.”

Easy implementation of articles in multiple languages

Regiondo provides its services in 4 languages, with plans to expand, and therefore needs to have a help center that can easily cope with creating and managing content in multiple languages. Each language currently holds 300 articles, 10% of these are localized to specific markets and GEOs. Writers need to be sporadically hired and the system, therefore, needs to be easy to manage, as onboarding each freelancer would be a complete waste of time.

“For us, it was vital to have a system that can have multiple users, with multiple languages to create and translate content - most of the time remotely.” - Alexander Bechte, Product Manager at Regiondo

The right keywords in different languages serve to attract customers, as well as figuring out what potential and existing customers search for the most. Alexander remarks, “our help center now has better rankings because of the keywords we use, so potential customers in different GEOs can easily find us.”

Source of knowledge and onboarding for new employees

One of the biggest uses of the knowledge base is for the onboarding of new employees. Especially for remote employees, this is an essential tool to get familiar with the product and workflows.

The knowledge bases internal and external articles are used for general onboarding for all departments at Regiondo and it’s essential to get an understanding of the ins and outs of product flows. If newer employees have a question, articles are the first stop, before using up seasoned employees time.

Agents on the other hand always have two open windows, their tickets, and the knowledge base. They use the knowledge base every day while responding to tickets to understand customer cases and to provide accurate answers. 

Communication within the company

Alexander has spent the last 2 years since introducing Answers to expand its use throughout the company. While the knowledge base is mostly for onboarding, it is used for multiple scenarios. Whether that's for announcements, or keeping employees up to date on company and product changes. 

What’s next?

Alexander has spent the last 2 years since introducing Answers to expand its use throughout the company. While the knowledge base is mostly for onboarding, it is used for multiple scenarios. Whether that's for announcements, or keeping employees up to date on company and product changes. 

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