7 Tips to Provide Outstanding Customer Service on Twitter

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

twitter logo customer service on twitter

Being a social media manager has opened my eyes to the meaning of excellent customer service. Through positive engagement with Twitter users to rude personalities, one of my recent insights has been that a brand’s perception stems not only from how it offers effective customer service in the more traditional platforms, but also how it adapts and evolves by using newer outlets such as social media.

Although Instagram and Facebook may be the most pressing networks for marketers right now, the truth is that the blue bird remains one of the top avenues for customer service. The reason for that is derived from fact that the platform’s moto is simplicity and directness. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is fast-paced in a sense that people tweet out character limited messages to engage with one another, which also applies to brands. Unlike similar social media platforms, you can track hundreds of interesting users and content in a glance using hashtags and keywords, ideal for our modern attention-deficit world.

With over 326 million monthly users worldwide, brands are using Twitter as a tool to not only help customers on the fly, but build their customer service reputation. Being a business owner, it’s crucial to understand where your customers are socializing and sharing ideas online, as it will only help you connect with them in new ways. In fact, 85% of small and medium businesses who use Twitter say it’s an invaluable platform.

So, now that we understood the impact Twitter has, it’s equally important to comprehend how to maximize this platform’s potential to your business’ benefit. Ready to get started? Here are seven tips on how to master customer service on Twitter:

1. Know Twitter’s communication features inside out

Whether you’re a one-man band or a larger business, Twitter has a number of tools which can be implemented to almost any kind of account and allow you to offer customer service in a very accessible way:

Direct Messages (DMs)

Just like Facebook, in addition to public tweets or posts, Twitter also offers the option to chat privately. Known as DMs (Direct Messages), this feature is optional and can be switched on and off at any given moment. Allowing your customers to direct message you provides a more appropriate environment for sensitive or lengthy topics, which normally would not be suitable for character limited tweets.

Additionally, it’s recommended to create a welcome message that will greet those who reach out privately. Keep in mind: customers do not like to wait too long for a response, as 60% of people who reach out to brands on Twitter expect a reply within an hour. This automation tool is a great way to make the conversation feel more personable, as well as provide valuable information upfront, such as working hours, disclaimers and so on.

Saved replies

Once you’ve enabled the DM function, you can also create quick replies. This tool is perfect for business owners, as it allows you to build a bank of answers that can be sent with a click of a button. If you anticipate to receive repetitive questions about a specific topic, create a quick reply for it! This feature will save you precious minutes in formulating responses to customers and will increase your average response time. Remember to use it in moderation as you do not want to come off as robotic. Combining live chat with quick replies creates the perfect balance for excellent customer service.

Send Private Message link

Feel like the conversation is heating up and you would rather take it to a more private arena? This is what the Private Message link feature was created for. Basically, it's a link that you insert into your tweet to invite your counterpart to pursue the discussion through Direct Messages. With sensitive cases, moving a customer inquiry to a private message can be useful, in order to avoid a public scene. By adding a “Send Private message” link to your tweets, you’ll be able to direct people to speak with you privately with a click of a button. For clients who are less Twitter and tech-savvy, adding this link of code to your tweet will avoid any frustration on their end.

2. Monitor mentions and keywords around your brand

Monitoring what the Twitter peeps are saying about your brand is essential for implementing and continuously improving your customer service. Reading what people say about you “behind your back” can only help you understand how your business is perceived, understand the pain points of your clients, and even catch some complaints you may have missed on your own account. But how do you do that, considering the gazillions of tweets published every minute? This can be achieved through the use of mentions. Customers can tag your brand in order for you to notice them. Additionally, hashtags can be used in the same sense to categorize tweets and display them easier in customized search results.

However, some tweets may not contain hashtags that are as clear cut as