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Be proactive

Improve CSAT by anticipating your customers' needs and issues, automating support flows, and taking action before problems arise.

Contextual help widgets

Contextual help widgets

Support users wherever they get stuck in your product or website. 

Real-time automation

Real-time automation

Automate any scenario to identify issues on the spot and take immediate action.

Capture Feedback

Capture feedback

Take action based on customer feedback about known issues and feature requests.

Top issue insights

Top issue insights

Get a consolidated view of common user issues to improve content and products.

Display your knowledge wherever users are

Embed fully customizable widgets anywhere in your product or website with instant access to help center content, guides for successful onboarding, and a quick way to contact you on any channel.

Customizable Support Widgets

Automate the heavy lifting 

Use automation to identify issues and take action in real time: Increase process efficiency, optimize knowledge, prevent risk, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Spotter automations

Identify and address your customers' top issues

Get a consolidated view of what your customers are struggling with the most based on linked articles in tickets. Use this insight to optimize help center content, bridge knowledge gaps, identify broken flows, and help management prioritize where to put resources. 

Use interactive articles to get customer feedback

Make better decisions about product development and fixes by capturing customers' feedback in your help center. They can vote for new features or indicate that they are impacted by a known issue. Send notifications when problems are fixed or new features are prioritized or added.

Interactive articles to capture customer feedback

How our customers leverage proactive support

"Out of all our new monthly customers, 90% visit our help center prior to signing up."

Danny Pinto
Director of Global Support

"Since introducing the widget, we’ve seen a shift to customers contacting us here instead. Now they can get what they need without leaving the product dashboard."

Doron Pryluk

VP of Customer Experience

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Hiring more support agents doesn't mean happier customers

Being proactive is the right way to do support.  Now choose the right platform.