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How Spotter improves your CX with 24/7 customer support

Imagine having an agent that provides 24/7 customer support. They also handle multiple tickets at once, communicate feedback within seconds, and predict customer behavior trends before they even happen. The good news is that this type of support actually exists.

Meet Spotter, a first-of-its-kind AI customer care manager.

When you see the word “AI” you might think of an automated voice machine or chatbot. But these basic support functions don’t even come close to what Spotter can do.

Spotter is a unique feature of Wix Answers’ help desk software. It constantly works in the background to keep support operations running smoothly – even when all of your agents are offline. Spotter’s advanced AI and automation capabilities help support teams reduce wait times, lower cost per contact, and improve CSAT scores.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Spotter. We’ll also dive into how it makes both your agents’ and customers’ lives easier.

How does Spotter work?

With Spotter, you can implement dozens or even hundreds of Scenarios for your active support channels. Each Scenario represents a customer support event and can fall under one or multiple of the following categories: Call Center, Chat, Knowledge Base, Team Members, or Tickets.

You can use one of Spotter’s many pre-made Scenarios to get started. You can also transform any pre-made Scenario into a completely customized, automated workflow that is specific to your team’s needs. Within each Scenario, you can choose from a handful of customizations – like time duration, priority, ticket status, and preferred notification channel.

What sets Spotter apart?

While there are other customer service AI and automation solutions out there, Spotter stands apart from the crowd. One of the biggest differentiators is that you can create multiple automated workflows within a single Spotter Scenario.

Take a look at the Scenario below on escalating stuck tickets.

You’ll see numerous conditions (‘if’ statements) and actions (‘then’ statements) have been added, all with unique customizations. Once this Scenario is activated, Spotter will start working instantly to ensure any stuck ticket is escalated and resolved faster – it isn’t held back by batch flows or time delays. With any other automation tool, this type of Scenario would likely require many single-action automations and, potentially, IT support.

Let’s break down Spotter’s capabilities even further. Here are three additional things Spotter can do for you that no other AI can.

  • Provide 24/7 customer support in true real time. Spotter takes multiple, cross-channel actions every second, unlike basic automation solutions that take bulk actions only once an hour.

  • Automate beyond “if/then” scenarios. Spotter uses triggered actions based on both what is and what isn’t happening in your support organization. It constantly analyzes every data point and acts on specific time intervals, response statuses, and more. Whereas other customer service AI solutions only act on events.

  • Expand workflows as you scale. Spotter learns and grows along with your business. You can easily edit your existing Scenarios or create additional customized workflows to meet your evolving needs at any time.

  • Enable any team member to customize conditions. With Spotter, there’s no code, development resources, or IT required. Team members can create Scenarios in an instant, and never have to rely on a dev team member or technical expert.

How Spotter elevates your customer service

Spotter stays one step ahead of your customers’ expectations. With this proactive support on hand, your team can focus more on providing better customer experiences and less on time-consuming, manual tasks. Here are some of the high-level impacts Spotter can have on your business.

Minimize negative experiences

Spotter helps manage customer sentiment both during and after each support interaction. You can create Scenarios to automatically respond to negative CSAT scores, reduce ticket back-and-forth, and prioritize at-risk customers.

With a customer support automation strategy in place, negative experiences are less likely to occur. In fact, 16.7% of professionals say their customers rated interactions with AI automation a 10 out of 10.

Keep conversations in motion

Spotter is always working behind the scenes to reduce wait times and improve customer interactions. And with the right Scenarios, you can reduce average handling time (AHT) and improve agent KPIs. Scenarios that send auto-responses, resolve abandoned chats, and reassign tickets help keep conversations moving forward.

Simplify workforce management

Spotter can automatically handle tickets and notify key stakeholders when necessary – such as high ticket volume or agent inactivity. That means there’s no need to rely on historic agent performance reports to evaluate your team.

Increase operational efficiency

Additionally, Spotter helps maintain a clean backlog, identifies unhelpful content without BI reports, and notifies you when it’s time to update help center content. What’s more, it reduces operational costs and the need for additional headcount.

Start automating your way to a better CX

Give your customers the best CX possible with automated, 24/7 customer support. Reach out today to get a live demo of Spotter and take your support capabilities to the next level.


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