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Switching to One Inbox: Your reinvented ticketing system

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Now you can resolve customer issues faster and more efficiently with a “One Inbox” view for agents and managers.

In the last few months, customer expectations have changed quite a bit. First of all, there has been an increase in the number of support channels customers can and choose to use. And second, there has been an evolution in the type and frequency of requests — and an increase in the feeling of urgency.

That’s why our product team created a better ticketing system designed to handle evolving customer expectations and surges in demand while making you even more efficient.

The new ticketing system, One Inbox, consolidates all of your support requests into a one-tab workspace, making it easier to deliver quick, high-quality customer experiences.

Moving from ticketing to One Inbox.

So, if your ticketing system seems to be working, why make the switch to One Inbox? The answer is simple: One Inbox takes the best parts of ticketing and makes them work even better by unifying all of your support requests, from all existing channels into one feed.

One Inbox embodies the unified experience

  • Agents and managers can view all issues from live chat, calls, email, social channels, and Whatsapp in one feed.

  • Next to One Inbox, your ticket timeline and customer info panel continue to provide crucial context on issues and users.

  • Under your timeline, the reply-box continues to equip agents and managers with the tools they need to respond quickly and accurately.

Say goodbye constantly moving between tabs. One Inbox lets you hyper-focus only on the task of engaging with customers.

Know what to expect: the upgraded experience of One Inbox

  1. 3 layouts for displaying tickets Every business works differently with tickets. Different users require different views to manage the operation and respond to customers. That’s why we’ve created three ways to view tickets: split pane, list or table. We strongly recommend the split pane view to maximize efficiency and enjoy the many advantages of One inbox. The Views panel remains the same, letting each team member view certain types of tickets based on pre-defined filters. Need to refresh your memory on Views? Read this help article.

  2. Ticket activity With One Inbox, tickets are separated into active and inactive. This gives each team member a better-organized list of tickets for greater focus and productivity. How does the active/inactive ticket split benefit users?

    1. Keeps two agents from unintentionally working on one ticket at the same time

    2. Managers can easily monitor their agents’ workload in real-time

    3. Analytics on handling time-based on session duration will be added (Coming soon)

  3. Ticket session Session: The moment an agent starts handling a ticket – which makes it active – until they’ve ‘released’ it. Team members can join or leave a session without affecting the assignment. When an agent ends an active session, the ticket remains assigned to the same group. This keeps issues from falling through the cracks. Learn more about starting or joining active sessions and leaving or ending active sessions.

4 features exclusive to One Inbox

With One Inbox technology, you’ll unlock four advanced features for enhanced productivity.

  1. Auto routing: Push tickets to agents based on predefined rules.

  2. Snooze ticket: Hide a ticket and get notified about it later at a time you set.

  3. Merge tickets: Merge multiple tickets about the same issue from the same customer

  4. SMS channel: Start supporting customers via text messages.

One Inbox has a direct positive effect on support managers and agents.

Support managers get a real-time birds-eye view of ticket activity.

Prioritizing and managing issues day to day becomes more efficient. For example, they can drag and drop columns according to importance, add relevant labels, see if tickets are being skipped, and see which agent is working on a ticket. They can spot an issue more easily, by scanning for keywords and labels, and filter specific groups.

Support agents get a unified view of all their tickets, calls and chats. This lets them handle conversations across multiple channels without any friction.

Agents can select tickets or get tickets assigned automatically with auto-routing. They can also “snooze” tickets to prevent tickets they’re not currently focused on from falling through the cracks.

Already using Answers' Ticketing system? Here’s why you should switch now.

It might feel overwhelming to be learning about One Inbox, especially since your current ticketing system appears to work just fine. We get it. Switching to One Inbox might seem complicated or like a chore. First of all, it’s not. We handle the migration process for you.

Furthermore, you have an opportunity to transform your teams’ experience to being more unified, efficient and consistent. After you switch, managing and responding to tickets will be even easier, and your customer satisfaction will go up. Move to One Inbox simply by contacting us at, and our team will handle all the heavy lifting for you.

Start supporting customers on chat, email, phone, Facebook Messenger, and more with Answers One Inbox. Book a demo to learn more.

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Ronnie Lanna
Ronnie Lanna
Feb 29

This blog post challenged some of my previous beliefs on the topic. basket random


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