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Tutorial: How to set up your call center

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

tutorial how to set up your call center wix answers

If you think of any company, chances are they each have a person, team or customer service department dedicated to communicating with clients. When your business starts to expand, you’ll need to find a way to organize these interactions so you don’t miss a beat.

This is why it’s important to have a powerful centralized platform, like a help desk software, that leverages all client interactions. One of the most common ways for people to reach out to brands is via phone. For this reason, an easy to set up and use call center software is a must. Especially one that is completely built-in to your customer support platform.

All of your calls will be organized in a clear list so nothing falls in between the cracks. You’ll be able to use tools such as your knowledge base to share information with customers. Finally, to get a bigger picture of how your call center is performing, you’ll be able to gather valuable insights through a real-time dashboard.

This tutorial will help you set up the three main components of your call center. You’ll discover how to:

Add a phone line: A physical phone or landline allows you to receive inbound calls from customers and provide proactive support with outbound calls.

  • Set up multiple phone lines for specific issues and departments (toll-free or set your own).

  • Customize business hours.

  • Record your own voice message when you’re in and out of business hours.

Add a queue and assign agents: Queues make sure that your inbound calls get to the right agent or team (e.g. Sales or Billing).

  • Create as many queues as you need and assign team members and groups.

  • Direct support calls directly to agents you assign.

Set up Interactive Voice Response (IVR): A system that directs calls to the relevant agent or group you assign.

  • Prioritize calls based on support type with a custom-made IVR flow.

  • Add text to speech or recorded sound files (WAV, MP3, WMP) to automatically play in between your customized flows (e.g. Press 1 for our Billing team).

  • Add IVR actions such as: ‘route call,’ ‘hang up’ and ‘digit input’ to direct customers to dedicated places.

Sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy the tutorial. Press ‘Play’ to learn how to set up your call center in minutes:

Ready to deliver personalized phone support? Set up the best call center software today!

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