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Gain Valuable Insights into Your Business

Better understand your business and customers with powerful insights on your tickets, knowledge base and top issues.

Understand Your Customers

Discover what your customers’ really need with insights top issues. See which questions appear most frequently and where they need extra help so you can optimize their experience.

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Actionable insights from all your channels
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Measure your team's performance

Measure Your Team’s Performance

See how your agents are performing and make changes that boost their efficiency. With your help desk software, you’ll get insights into everything from how many tickets your team has resolved to what your customers think of your service.

View All Your Ticket Stats in One Place

Collect data on your tickets from new tickets, response time and resolved tickets to agent performance and user feedback. With advanced filters, you can specify exactly what you need to see according to time, source and country. Ticket insights makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of your content and team.

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One source of truth
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Optimize your help center's performance

Optimize Your Help Center’s Performance

Get data and feedback on your most popular articles, trending searches and feature requests.

With measurable statistics, you’ll gain real insights into what your customers want to know and how to make your articles even better.

Monitor the Success of Your Call Center

Measure the effectiveness of your call center by tracking everything from call volume and duration to the number of new and reopened calls your agents handle. You can even pinpoint who’s calling, where they’re calling from and what types of issues they need help with.

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Monitor your call center's success
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Evaluate live chat effectiveness

Evaluate the effectiveness of your live chat 

Keep track of your chat performance and make informed business decisions by viewing data on your answered chats, first-response-time, time-to-end-chat and more. Get in-detail analytics on each metric by using filters such as country, source and language in order to measure your team's efficiency. 

Get Helpful Insights on Your Business

Wix Answers provides accurate information about your customers, support and products so you can make informed, data-driven decisions.

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