What makes us different?

One system for all real-time

and offline support channels

Agents are focused only on helping customers without having to switch between tabs or platforms

One view
With a single timeline for interactions and all the knowledge agents need

One system for all channels lets you eliminate the costs and inefficiencies of maintaining multiple vendors

As a VP, I was always looking for something omnichannel that I don’t have to deal with a phone provider on one end, an email provider at another end, a ticketing system, help center, and separate statistics. Answers consolidates all these channels.”

Agent-centric technology

Happy agent = happy customer

We are the first support platform to focus on agents — if they love what they’re using, customers will be satisfied 

Intuitive UI

An intuitive single-view workspace with AI-powered replies enables less than 8-hour onboarding

Built by agents

Created at Wix for agents by agents to address the challenges of satisfying customers in a high growth environment

If you’re going to have an agent looking at their home screen for

45 hours a week, it better look good. And Answers has an amazing UI.

So intuitive and simple.”

360° view of customers

Full picture
A complete customer profile for agents, team leaders and the organization along with actionable insights to address product and support gaps

In one place
Full view of customers’ interactions, history and personal information all in one place 

Better customer experience
A consistently higher quality, more seamless customer support experience

Knowledge managed from one place

For customers
To find answers with a Google search or from anywhere in your product or website

For agents
To have instant access to AI-powered suggested articles that are linked or copy/pasted into replies

For teams
To create one go-to department-specific knowledge source that helps them do their job better

“The process of transferring articles to Answers was smooth and easy to implement. We were able to put all content and data in one place without needing additional products.”

Contextual support for anyone, anywhere

For customers
Interact with customers anywhere they need you with an unlimited number of help widgets that include any combination of channels

For agents and other employees
Use help widgets to make knowledge accessible for agents or employees company-wide

Scale smoothly and cost effectively

Make your operation simple

Simplify complex day-to-day support operations with no workarounds or added development

Get rid of ‘legacy’ costs
All channels are built in out of the box, so no more expensive development or ongoing maintenance you get with legacy systems

Choose a plan, unlock all features
Access all new features in your plan as our platform evolves, with no additional costs

You’re a partner, not an account

You won’t be left to fend for yourself after signing a contract. We’ll help you achieve your long-term goals, and you will play a vital role in our product evolution and roadmap. 

 Let us show you how easy support can be

See the difference we’ve made for our customers


“The biggest win was eliminating the need for multiple vendors—everything is now in one place and easy to use, remotely or in-office.”


Guesty achieved 60% one-touch resolution by consolidating all support channels.

Getty Images

How Getty Images used Wix Answers to transform its self-service solution in 13 languages.

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