WhatsApp integration


To add the early access WhatsApp integration to your Wix Answers account, we’ll need a few details about your business. This information will be used for:

Approving your brand with WhatsApp in order to use the integration, as they require to confirm each brand individually as subject to the WhatsApp terms.

Purchase a Twilio line for your use of the integration.

Configuring and setting everything you need to get started.

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After you’ll submit the request, we’ll keep you posted on the process. Please take into consideration that it should take a few days for WhatsApp by Facebook to approve and for us to set up everything.

Contact information

Account details

The following account details (except for the Facebook Business Manager ID) will be displayed on your WhatsApp Business profile.

Choose file

Logo instructions


File format: jpg/png
Min size: 640x640px
Logo must be centered
Transparent background is not allowed

Company details


By clicking “submit” and enabling the integration of your Wix Answers account with WhatsApp as well as by using the service, you, as authorized signatory for this brand, acknowledge and agree to the following:

You are engaging with WhatsApp Business Solution and understand that Whatsapp's terms of service and privacy policy will apply.

You understand and agree that the cost per message will be subject to WhatsApp pricing and Wix Answers pricing which may change from time to time. Overall, at the time of this registration, your cost per message will vary between $0.006-$0.15 (depending on the message type and destination).