How to Set Up Your Ticketing System


How to Set Up Your Ticketing System


How to Edit Automated Ticket Follow-Up Emails

How to Set Up Your Ticketing System

In this tutorial, we show you how to set up your ticketing system, add agents and create groups of agents. Wix Answers makes it easy to manage tickets from multiple channels, like your help center’s contact form, email, help widget and Facebook—all in one place.

01 Set Up Your Mailbox

Hover over Settings on the bottom left and choose Mailboxes.You already have a default mailbox, but you can add as many as you need:


1. Click Add Mailbox

2. Give your new mailbox a name and click Next

02 Set Up Mailbox Forwarding

You can set up mailbox forwarding to automatically forward emails to your new Wix Answers mailbox.

  1. Add the email address you want tickets forwarded from

  2. Add your new email address to the forwarding section of your email provider settings

  3. When you’re done, click Save

03 Connect Your Facebook

When your mailbox is set up, connect your Facebook account:

  1. Hover over Settings on the bottom left and choose Facebook

  2. Click Connect Facebook Account and select the Facebook pages you want to connect

  3. When you’re done, click Connect

04 Turn Post and Messages into Tickets

Turn on a Wall post and private message. Now, when someone posts on your timeline or sends you a private message, you’ll get a ticket right to your Tickets List.

05 Add Agents to Manage and Answer Tickets

Hover over the menu on the bottom left and select Invite Team Members.

  1. Click Invite Team Members

  2. Enter the email address of each team member

  3. Choose to make them an agent or admin

  4. When you’re done, click Send

Your agents will get an email inviting them to join the team. You can check your pending invitations any time in the Pending tab.

06 Create Groups of Agents

You can also create groups of agents, and assign tickets to groups—making your workflow more efficient.

  1. Click Create New Group and give your group a name

  2. Then click Create

  3. Click on the group name to open it

  4. Click Add Members to Group to add your agents

  5. Select the agent and click Add

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