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Easy and effective customer support solution for startups

Answers’ all-in-one customer service platform enables growing teams to effortlessly prioritize and collaborate on customer requests.

Quick set up

Effortless collaboration

Greater productivity 

Increase customer loyalty

Stay on top of customer issues

Bring your communication channels into Answers all-in-one solution. Organize, prioritize and answer all customer requests from a single tab - be productive and save cost by eliminating the need for multiple systems.

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Win customer loyalty.png

Win customer loyalty

Gain your customers’ trust right from the start with fast and personal responses where and when they need them. And with effortless communication as you grow, customers will remain loyal for life.

Save on resources, without harming customer experience

  • Easily automate all support workflows and adjust them as your business grows, with zero dev work required.

  • Use Answers’ built-in self-service tool to deflect simple, repetitive questions and eliminate waiting time.

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Collaborate smoothly.png

Collaborate smoothly across teams

The context and information you need to help users often lives across departments and roles. Answers makes it easy for anyone in the company to collaborate upon customers' questions, ensuring accuracy and faster response time.

Scale with confidence.

Right now, you’re looking for a solution that will give you immediate peace of mind.


But will it suit your growth? 

Ensure an effortless transition from today’s needs to tomorrow's growth with Answers’ 4 must-have factors for scaling:

3 hour onboarding

With rapid growth come new hires. Answers’ intuitive, consistent UI across all channels enables 3-hour onboarding so agents can start answering customers right away. 

It even works remotely

Sometimes, scaling means opening sites in more locations while support leaders stay close to HQ. Answers One Inbox and an added layer of management tools enable companies to effectively run their support organization remotely.

Ease of use

Answers offers easy setup, training and usage, so you can make adjustments on the spot with no coding skills to quickly react and adapt to changes.

Product evolution included

Our flat pricing model offers access to all new features in your plan as our platform evolves, at no additional cost.

High quality, personalized support with Answers features:

Self-service widgets  

Display contextual help articles as part of the user journey and be where customers need answers.

Spotter: Automation  

Save time on manual, repetitive tasks and automate processes that otherwise waste precious resources.

CSAT tool  

Make customer feedback part of the support flow and easily monitor satisfaction scores across all interactions.

Top issues  

Get a clear picture of recurring customer issues so you can address them as you build your product.


Integrate apps you already use, like Salesforce, Hubspot and Jira, to get full context on customer issues.

Ease today’s clutter and scale effortlessly

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