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Focus on efficiency, without compromising on quality. 

Support more customers with the resources and manpower you already have.

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One tab, one UI — that’s all you need

Manage and resolve all support requests in one place and make customer interactions more efficient.


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Keep your ticket count down even when demand goes up

More customers needing more support doesn’t have to be painful. Let them easily help themselves. Deflect simpler issues away from your team to free up time for cases that need personal attention. Your customers will avoid wait times and frustration with an intuitive help center, content that’s discoverable on Google, and in-product widgets with answers anywhere they need them.

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Control every aspect of your support platform

Answers makes it simple to create, fully customize and maintain automations, workflows, self-service tools, and much more without having to depend on developers, designers or outside experts. Just make adjustments and move on!

Easily integrate Answers with tools you already use 

Connect your support operation to apps you already use.

Answers comes with built-in integrations for HubSpot, Jira, Salesforce, and more.

Support customers faster with automation

Support tasks can be extremely repetitive, and if done manually, a painful consumption of time and resources. With Answers, you can dramatically increase efficiency by automating many of your support tasks.

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Give your company a new set of support superpowers

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