Let your knowledge do the talking

Make it easy for customers to find answers on their own with a help center that does the bulk of your support for you. 

Contextual help widgets

Make knowledge accessible wherever customers are in your product or website. 

100% Customization

Easily control the design of your help center to perfectly fit your brand.

Built-in SEO

Spread your help center’s reach to where customers search the most – Google.

Capture feedback

Take action based on customer feedback about known issues and new feature ideas.

Help customers help themselves

Truth is, most customers prefer to resolve issues on their own.
Easily create, categorize and publish help center articles customers will rely on for their success. Keep support requests down and have more time for cases that need personal attention.

Support customers inside their user flow

When users get stuck, they shouldn’t have to search somewhere else to find a solution. With contextual help widgets, your knowledge can be accessible wherever customers need it in your product or website.

Control the look and feel of your help center

With no need for developers or designers, you can easily customize your help center to be fully aligned with your brand. Use images, videos and GIFs to make articles easier to understand and visually engaging.

Give customers a voice

Let customers vote on features you don’t yet have or report on bugs. Be aware of customers' actual needs so you know what needs fixing the most. Send notifications when problems have been fixed or new features prioritized or added.

Let customers help themselves in their language

Make your help center articles, guides and how-to’s easy to digest in multiple languages. With a built-in content translation flow, your help center will support customers worldwide and enhance your organization’s reach across the globe. 

Optimize content with real-time automations

Spotter conditional automations streamline the management of your knowledge base. Save time and money on repetitive tasks, improve your content’s performance and remove risk.

Self-service success stories

“Since introducing the widget, we’ve seen a shift to customers contacting us here instead. Now they can get what they need without leaving the product dashboard.”

Doron Pryluk
VP of Customer Experience

"Wix Answers gave us the ability to create a help center exactly the way we wanted in a short time frame with zero development, minimal effort, and in multiple languages."

Darren VanderVort
Product Manager

"The average amount of tickets opened per customer decreased as customers can help themselves largely because of our intuitive 
Wix Answers self-service center.”

Danny Pinto 
Director of Global Support

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