Wix Answers New Widget: The Always Present Support Experience

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

At this very moment, customers are visiting your website or using your product.

There’s always going to be a flow that’s not easy to master or confusing to some customers.

Your help center is probably easy to find and packed with helpful guides and your support agents are keeping the satisfaction rate high. But only 1 out of 10 customers actually get in touch with you. The other 9 simply leave it and move on.

Because let’s be honest, most customers won’t bother to figure out how to use something when they get stuck.

What if you could be exactly there, supporting customers a minute before they get frustrated and close that tab?

Now, you can. There’s a simple solution to never leaving your customers fumbling in the dark - the custom help widget.

So, how can you improve your customer support experience immediately?

Here are our suggestions:

24/7 Self-Service

Make it easy for customers to find the answers they need with a mini version of your help center that can be placed literally anywhere.

  • Deflect simple questions, by giving customers easy access to your knowledge base.

  • Display the right articles at the right place to simplify complicated flows.

  • Make sure your customers are successfully on-boarded from the start by supporting them with relevant guides at exactly the right place.

  • Let customers find the exact answer with a smart search option within reach.

Live Chat Widget to Create a Personal Support Experience

Provide instant but personal support from your website or product.

  • Assign chats to specific queues, so that customers can chat to experts who have the know-how in that field.

  • Live chat and ticketing work together as one, so agents can start answering chats.... immediately.

  • Live up to customers' expectations and answer fast, with saved replies and KB articles that agents can use, just a click away.

Contact Hub

Make support present and within reach with Email and Callback option.

  • Waiting days are over. Make it easy for customers to leave a message and go back to their busy schedules.

  • Fully integrated with your Ticketing, Call Center and Knowledge base, no extra work is needed.

  • Ask customers for info on their issue, and help your teams provide spot-on answers.