Virtual Event Recap: The CX Festival

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

That’s a wrap! Wix Answers’ CX Festival, the first-ever multiday digital event dedicated entirely to customer support has come to a close. The 4-day event included 22 keynotes, sessions and workshops focusing on themes such as unified support, scale, metrics & KPIs, self-service, collaboration, the future of support, and more.

Read on to check out the breakdown and key takeaways of each day.

Day 1: Glossier, Groupon, Refinitiv, Outreach, Wayfair

The common thread across each session was how internal operations result in successful customer experiences.

  • Glossier discussed how they build community through value alignment, and the benefits of treating internal team members as customers.

  • Groupon, TELUS International, Refinitiv, and Outreach contextualized how they empower their internal teams to succeed externally.

  • Wayfair’s CTO discussed how they operate their company of 16,000 employees by cross-functionally focusing on the same vertical.

Day 2: The North Face, Wix, mParticle, LogDNA, Cybereason,, Yotpo

Featured brands shared the importance of empowering customers to help themselves.

  • The North Face’s Senior Manager of Customer Experience shared how the brand’s brick and mortar locations serve as the foundation for strong brand advocates. These advocates then form communities where customers empower one another to learn more about exploration and apparel.

  • touched on their self-service webinar program, which helped the company explore ways customers can solve certain challenges on their own. For any business, a self-sufficient approach can increase CSAT while decreasing ticket numbers and overall friction.

  • mParticle, LogDNA, Cybereason discussed moving customer support to the center of your company’s operations. Avoiding siloed strategies enables customer support to reach every part of an organization.

  • Yotpo touched on bringing customers and products closer together by connecting customer-dedicated teams. The end goal is to align all teams around the user voice.

  • Wix’s President & COO covered the importance of customers' influence over internal decision making. Customer feedback should be unfiltered, as honest feedback enables meaningful action. By two-way communication, Wix has built out customer support that is intuitive and empowers customers to effortlessly help themselves.

Day 3: The New York Times, Vimeo, Gong, Bizzabo, Gainsight, Adyen, SodaStream, Aruba (HP), Endy

Featured speakers covered an array of topics, each touching on the importance of meeting the customer where they are.

  • The New York Times’ Executive Director of Customer Care kicked off day 3 by highlighting the need to innovate products for customers of the future and the challenges that come with it. Brands are beginning to ask themselves what customers will want years from now and proactively addressing how they can innovate their product to meet those expectations.

  • Vimeo underlined the need for empowering teams to meet and exceed customer expectations for better experiences. Vimeo’s Head of Video Creation Customer Support highlighted 3 key themes for achieving this across their organization: Customer-centricity, customer feedback and employee engagement.