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Virtual event: The Future of CX Work

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Wix Answers is excited to be leading the charge towards communicating around issues facing the customer support industry during this unique global moment. The Future of CX Work event includes leading brands and support executives addressing support strategy from companies like Shopify, Zapier, Deloitte and Wayfair. We hope the topics discussed during the event will be able to shed some light on ways to take advantage of this time and to empower your support teams to enhance their assistance to customers when they need it most.

Keynote Talk: Leading support in a fast-paced environment

General Manager & CEO of Wix Answers Elad Eran, will share his thoughts on how agile support departments are uniquely positioned to respond to unexpected challenges. This is sure to be a unique take on how to turn a potential disaster scenario into a great opportunity.

1st Panel: The state of customer support in 2020

What initiatives has your team and organization undertaken to continue to build on the CX? When only 1 out of 10 customers contact support, 9 out of 10 customers stay silent. How do you use proactive support to unlock the voice of this silent majority and build brand advocates?

Hear about:​

  • Tips on moving from reactive to proactive support

  • Upcoming industry trends for 2020

  • How to turn customers into brand advocates

Going global: Shopify & scaling remote support teams in Ireland

John Riordan- Director of Support for Shopify joins us for a fireside chat discussing scaling a global customer support team and how that can help you drive customer advocacy + provide best-in-class support.

Panel 2: Overcoming the challenges of remote customer support

Overnight, companies around the world have had to adapt to working from home. What does this mean for support teams, whose customers need their help now more than ever?

Hear about:

  • Tips on keeping agents motivated

  • Collaborative tools for remote teams​

  • KPIs to measure work from home performance

Tune in to expand your understanding of why CS is changing the way businesses operate in 2020 for the better.

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Lamb Herman
Apr 16

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