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Train support agents remotely with Wix Answers + Enabley

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

How are you training agents and employees in an engaging fashion while everyone is so distant from one another? As a progressive business evolving in the era of remote work environments, ensuring your support agents are aligned as to how to answer customers’ queries accurately is pivotal to your success.

Common difficulties companies experience with remote training:

  • Making sure agents are speaking the same language as your customers

  • Optimizing standardized training practices across global offices

  • Ensuring consistent customer solutions

  • Verifying your agents understand new feature details and how they function

You have the ability to remotely educate your staff effectively

The reality is that more and more companies are pivoting towards remote training and presentations that can be easily modified as well as offer intuitive instructions to those who need them. Just because you can’t sit next to your agents and teach them in-person, doesn't mean you can’t educate these employees in a successful manner so they can succeed.

This is where our new integration with Enabley can help reshape the way your organization trains its employees- remotely or not. Here are some practical ways to establish uniform training practices for your company.

Build “Micro-Trainings” with Enabley

Enabley is a platform which allows training managers to utilize customizable micro trainings for different audiences within their company. These small “training units'' can be built out remotely via Enabley to organize all different kinds of instructional training for topics as diverse as onboarding to internal audits as well as sales techniques and how to handle common pain points within your company.

Take a look at what a typical training flow looks like in Enabley:

Add Wix Answers Articles to your lessons

The key to this new integration is that it allows the instructor to embed an actual Wix Answers article into the training units. You can easily adjust the content and sizing according to your needs with just a few clicks of your mouse. One of the most exciting benefits of this integration is that it helps reduce the work and time commitment necessary to create intuitive instructional sessions via these easily added Answers articles.

The ability to embed help center articles into training sessions helps promote a consistent source of truth across your company. Managers can now have confidence that agents across the spectrum will have the clarity they need about important technical elements of newly released features. This also offers a streamlined process for agents to learn about these new tools via identical training sessions so they can ultimately convey uniform and accurate answers to customers everywhere.

Watch how easy it is to add, embed & resize a Wix Answers article with Enabley:

Flexible training sessions are useful both remotely and in-office

Enabley hosts a variety of other useful features that you can take advantage of, such as embeddable video clips, powerpoint slides, insertable questionnaires and PDF’s. Another useful feature of this new integration is that any embedded article which has been added to a training is dynamically updated ensuring that your training sessions are constantly up to date.

With these helpful tools and the new functionality allowing one to insert any previously published Wix Answers article into their customizable instructional, one can offer added context and clarity to these trainings easily.

Whether you're creating training sessions for your in-house support team or your specialized team abroad, you'll be able to design and publish fully interactive learning sessions in mere minutes.

Smart agents means happier customers and a more satisfied support team

Focusing your energy on promoting company wide knowledge synergy helps your agents reinforce their confidence when answering clients and affords your customers accurate solutions to their problems.

One of the keys to ensuring that remote support teams retain their efficiency and are optimized for both agent and customer satisfaction is through building out the necessary infrastructure to educate these employees. Analyzing the data on their progress and what works is also important to optimizing the training process.

We’re proud to say that our Wix Answers integration with Enabley provides managers the ability to convey useful information to agents intuitively and make an impact towards enhancing your company's overall customer service efforts.

This integration is live for all Enabley + Wix Answers customers today!

All Set!

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