8 Reasons Why You Should Offer Customer Support on Social Media

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Offering customer support on social media

Business owners everywhere know that being successful can be measured in a number of different ways. Sure, you would like to be measured in terms of profits (because come on, who wouldn’t?) but having a booming business can also be measured by how well you accommodate your customers needs and even more, how you offer them customer support.

There are many channels for you to do this, from email to phone to social media platforms. Due to the increased use of Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, it is becoming extremely popular - if not inescapable - for businesses to offer customer service on social media platforms. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the exact benefits that you can get from integrating these channels into your customer experience, alongside your help desk software.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of eight reasons why you should offer customer support on social media.

Social media is the place to be

More and more people are using social media as their main outlet to share ideas, interests and socialize, but also to communicate with businesses and brands. With such a strong impact, it’s no wonder that studies have shown that over 90% of users reach out to their retailers through social media. While some prefer sticking to email or phone calls, think about creating an engaging social media presence because expanding your brand will only do you good. And besides, everyone else is already there!

Offer immediate and efficient support

More and more businesses understand the advantages of social media as a tool for quick and immediate customer support. Unlike sending emails or making a call, the pace on social media is almost instant, and the information is constantly being refreshed and therefore always relevant. As a result, more people prefer social media than other channels of communication.

Being transparent is good for your business

We’re not all perfect. Sometimes, we make mistakes which can potentially affect our brand and relationship with our customers. That being said, it can also be the perfect chance to turn some lemons into lemonade. Negative feedback and complaints should not necessarily be something to fear but rather they can be used to your advantage, if done right. Reaching out to upset customers is the perfect example of being attentive to your customers needs. Customers tend to respond with patience and understanding when they feel the business owner is vigilant.

Create a community

Social media, as mentioned in the name, is all about being social. Allowing your customers to comments or write posts creates a sense of community where people can engage with each other and help each other. Instead of asking a customer to send an email and have him wait for a response (which can take time), they might be able to find their answer on your social media page through other comments or posts. Creating an environment that’s open for conversation will not only save you time, but will also aid in connecting your customers with each other.

Create a community online for your customer support

Boost your social media presence

Today, business owners know that customers expect them to be active on social media. Maintaining an active social media presence shows visitors that you, as a brand care about connecting with your customers. In fact, people can see how engaged the business owner is by how frequently they respond to complaints, questions or issues. If someone visits your page and sees that it hasn’t been updated in a while it might give off the wrong impression. Addressing questions regularly (for example, take our live chat service on our Facebook page which states just how fast we reply to PM’s) shows that you are fully committed and most importantly, available.