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5 kickass SaaS companies we met at SaaStock Dublin 2019

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Wix Answers Team at SaaStock Dublin
The Wix Answers Team

If you work in tech, especially B2B SaaS, you already know how important it is to be on the lookout for upcoming industry trends and best practices. On October 14 - 16, Wix Answers had the opportunity to exhibit at Europe's biggest B2B SaaS conference SaaStock Dublin, located at the extraordinary Royal Dublin Society (RDS) venue.

It was the prime time to showcase the evolution of our help desk software and network with 4000+ founders and senior executives from SaaS companies that account for half of the global SaaS market (a projected $58 billion of a $115 billion market.)


Fact: In two days, we gifted 400 slinkies (who doesn’t love a slinky?) and our hard-working barista made over 300 cups of coffees for our booth guests.


We met with innovative companies who have brilliant solutions and products. In random order, here are five interesting SaaS companies shaping the future:

1. Pendo

Ever wanted to know where customers spend the majority of their time within your product? It’s time to dive deep into their journey so you can develop and create better experiences.

Meet Pendo, a product experience solution that enables product teams to better understand how customers interact with software. At a glance, your product teams can answer up-in-the-air questions such as which features customers are using or ignoring, and to which ones are intuitive or confusing. Overall, Pendo answers the BIG two-part question: Why do customers keep coming back and what makes them leave for good?

The day after SaaStock, Pendo raised $100M in a new round of funding, with a current valuation of $1B. The unicorn club is happy to have you!

2. SalesLoft

Customers expect the best value for their money. That’s why it’s crucial to kickoff the process and follow through at every stage of the buying experience, so nothing falls through the cracks.

That’s where SalesLoft takes the cake with their intelligent sales engagement platform, built to transform companies into modern sales organizations. Through various communication tools, coaching analytics and data, the platform helps guide and empower your team's processes. This will enable you to better connect and engage with your buyers while simultaneously improving your team’s performance, at scale.

3. Spendesk

Picture this: You return from a work trip and need to submit your expenses. Now you need to go through a pile of crumpled up receipts, some you’ve put in your pockets, or worse, you accidentally threw them out.

But what if there’s an easier, smarter and automated way for both your employees and finance teams to manage expenses. With Spendesk, the days of traditional expense reports are over. With flexible payments, automated receipt capture and real-time insights, you can now take care of your employees and finance teams with the gift of smart spending.

Your employees will be able to pay for what they need through Spendesk’s website or with their on-the-go mobile app and your finance teams can track and follow real-time spends, define budgets and customize workflows.

It was hard to miss Spendesk at SaaStock. Their dedicated team were consistently rocking the conference floor with oversized purple Spendesk corporate cards, trendy tote bags saying “Sexy Spender,” and fantastic conversations.

4. Personio

Did you know there’s a platform that helps you transform your entire HR and recruitment experience? It’s time to drop the manual extensive Excel charts and tedious paperwork and say hello to Personio, a solution that digitizes the entire process. Built for small and medium-sized businesses to focus on the real value of HR management.

The cloud-based holistic platform is designed to power your organization's HR and recruiting processes through its robust products or via third-party software. In other words, no matter the industry you’re in, Personio does the heavy lifting for you: Recruiting, tracking applicants, on-time payroll and overall employee development.

At SaaStock Dublin, Hanno Renner, CEO at Personio, took the stage to discuss how to maintain fast growth rates. The one point he made that really resonated with our Wix Answers team was this takeaway: For any business scaling rapidly, it’s all about reducing complexity and fostering simplicity.

5. Trint

You’ve blocked off half of your day to transcribe a video from a successful event. You finished the task exhausted, thinking about how to make the process somewhat easier the next time around. It’s a pain that Trint CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Kofman experienced from the beginning of his career as a journalist.

Trint uses AI to power its automated transcription platform so you can get the most out of your audio and video content, in minutes. The real magic lies behind its speech-to-text algorithms to generate spot-on transcripts. After the process is completed, you’ll be able to search and edit interactive transcripts with ease.

We can’t wait for #SaaStock20!

- The Wix Answers Team

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miller chaney
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