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Tutorial: How to customize your help center

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

So, you have a fully functioning help desk software and the business to go with it. Now is the time to start customizing your help center, making it consistent with all your other online assets (website, social media, etc.) and providing your customers with a welcoming environment. This tutorial will walk you through a few simple steps to creating an on-brand help center, including all the elements that you and your customers require. You’ll learn how to adapt the design, from selecting a template and color palette, to uploading background images that will look perfect on both desktop and mobile. Easily edit titles and add your logo to ensure your help center reflects your brand’s look and feel.

Once you’ve nailed the design, take it to the next level with some advanced options. Discover how to connect your domain to your help center and enjoy built-in SEO settings that will help you rank higher on search results. You’ll also learn how to choose the way customers submit tickets, whether it be from the footer of your homepage, or from a specific article. Customize your help center further, by adding your website’s header and footer, custom CSS and more. So, are you ready to add a personal touch to your help center? Look no further, and hit the “Play” button.

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Curtis Armstrong
Curtis Armstrong
May 30

It seems so simple to accomplish that. scratch geometry dash


tomm chris
tomm chris
May 25

Build a comprehensive knowledge base containing articles, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides to address common queries Watermelon Game and issues.


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