7 Powerful Customer Testimonials Examples (and How to Get Them)

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Customer testimonial examples

From deciding whether or not to purchase the latest technology to what to order for lunch, we can all testify that peer reviews play a major role in our buying decisions. While word-of-mouth might be one of the most ancient forms of organic marketing, it hasn’t lost its charm today - rather, it’s disguised in this digital age under the name “social proof.”

Since peer opinions are just as effective as ever, it’s no shock that customer testimonials are the golden ticket to enhancing your website and overall business reputation. The powerful selling tactics we’ll present in this article will help boost your credibility and lead to conversions. That’s why we’re here to tell you what customer testimonials are, the most common examples, and how you can obtain them from your customers. Let’s begin.

What is a customer testimonial?

This is a review in verbal or written form left by a consumer about your product or service, and that you (as the business) decide to display on your page as a testimonial because it positively enhances your purpose. People write customer reviews for several reasons, one of the most important ones being to help other consumers make good decisions. Other motives relate to their relationship with the brand, as customers want to explain their pain points and what improvements they expect, leave a rewarding note for a satisfying service, or simply need their voice to be heard.

More descriptively, testimonials don’t always come out of an ordinary, everyday experience, but also, an exceptional encounter with a business. For example, a customer support representative going above and beyond their normal job responsibilities to hand deliver a customer’s product overnight. Once you receive customer testimonials, you should place them throughout your website - whether this will be on a page of their own, next to products and services, or at the bottom of your home page. There are different reasons to put customer testimonials in these locations, from boosting the credibility of a particular product, to emphasizing your business’ functionalities as a whole. No matter your intentions, customer testimonials are certainly worth your time.

Examples of customer testimonials

Whether you’ve asked for your customers’ feedback or they provided it to you out of pure gratitude, the review is only the first step. The raw material needs to be shaped in order for it to become a valuable testimonial. Testimonials can indeed come in many formats. Although your business industry, size, and personality can play a role into which ones you request, the following are the most popular to choose from. Likewise, you can choose as many as you like:


Starting simple, quotes are one of the most straightforward forms of testimonials. As users often speak of your company on different platforms and outlets, discovering these testimonials will only require a bit of searching. To make sure that your process is nearly effortless, you can sign up to receive alerts directly to your inbox by typing your company name as the keyword for Google searches (via Google Alerts) and social channels (via Social Mention).

When using a quote on your website, it’s best to include both the writer’s name and a picture of the user - although, only after obtaining customer approval - to strengthen the reliability for the readers. Nevertheless, not all customers will agree to that decision. If this is the case, you’ll need to keep the quote confidential.

Social channel testimonials

Since the world lives on social media today, this is one of the most common forms of testimonials - and one of the most convenient places to ask and receive customer feedback. Typically customers will leave social media testimonials after purchasing a product or interacting with your customer service department. These are usually presented in the form of a picture and/or written caption on a tweet, Instagram Story slide, or Facebook post - although all social platforms are fair game.

Wix great customer testimonial from social media

Customer reviews

These can be found anywhere from Facebook to LinkedIn recommendations on employee pages, or home pages and product pages of business websites, and more. Customer reviews are directly related to consumers’ experiences with a business’s products and services, making them the easiest form of a testimonial to obtain. Customers usually like talking about how they were treated by a company, both positive and