The Ultimate Guide to Customer Service Strategy

Updated: Apr 27

Customer service strategy

The customer service guide you need to master your strategy and help your business grow.

  1. What is customer service?

  2. Why is a customer service strategy important for your business?

  3. Successful types of customer service strategy

  4. Which channels you need for your customer service strategy

  5. How to measure your customer service strategy

  6. How to build a customer service strategy team

  7. Customer service strategy skills to look for

  8. Reviewing your customer service strategy

Customer service gets a bad rap.

We tend to think of customer service as the people we talk to when things go wrong, which is often a frustrating experience. It reminds us of robotic phone menus, hours spent waiting on hold to speak with an agent, or losing our place in the queue and not having our needs met.

But by reengineering your company-customer relationship, you can position your business with a competitive advantage that will help ensure long-term growth.

And it all starts with your customer service strategy. Let’s dive in.

What is customer service?

Customer service can be defined as helping customers before, during, and after a purchase. However, when we expand our definition to include both B2C as well as B2B customer journeys, the overlap between customer service, customer support and customer success can become tricky. Let’s unpack them now.

Customer Support vs Customer Success vs Customer Service

Let’s suppose you’re buying a new shirt online. You’re not sure about the fit, and so you submit a question about sizing. A customer service representative replies and answers your question, helping you to complete the transaction happily. Great customer experience.

But wait, plot twist — when the shirt arrives, it doesn’t fit like it was supposed to at all. It’s quickly becoming a story about a terrible customer experience. You contact customer service once again, the agent apologizes for the inconvenience and arranges a free exchange immediately.

As a matter of fact, they were so kind and helpful in supporting you, that it turned your frown upside down, and now you’re smiling again. Not only that, but they see you’ve purchased their winter fleeces in the past, which are currently featured in their end-of-season sale. They alert you to the discount, and thanks to this personalized touch you seize the opportunity to stock up for next year.

What just happened here?

In this story, agents from the same department were fulfilling multiple functions along your buyer journey. When you called customer service to ask about sizing, this agent was acting in a sales capacity, helping you towards a place where you could buy with confidence. When you called to resolve an issue, this same customer service department was fulfilling a customer support role. All of this falls under the umbrella of customer service.

Customer service B2C funnel