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5 cool companies we met at The Next Web Conference 2019

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Last week, Wix Answers had the pleasure of exhibiting at Europe's leading tech event, The Next Web Conference (TNW) in Amsterdam. We joined over 17,500 attendees, ranging from entrepreneurs to designers, in a two-day journey exploring the latest trends in technology. It gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase the phenomenal evolution of our help desk software and connect with some of the brightest people and companies in the world.

As an exhibitor and a team of part-time smoothie enthusiasts (yes, there were smoothies), we had the opportunity to meet with several innovative startups and established companies who are shaping the way the world thinks about tech through their brilliant solutions and products. Want to know what you missed out on? In no particular order, here are five interesting companies shaping the way we work, learn and communicate:

1. InVision

Invision App TNW 2019
New York, United States

Did you know there’s a tool that helps you design, review and test products before writing a single line of code? Meet InVision, a platform created by designers for designers from all walks of life. It’s a collaborative prototyping tool which enables you to easily create interactive mockups of your product or service. There’s no need to send multiple screenshots in an email, resulting in a long conversation thread. With the click of a button, you can share these designs with your team or clients, along with intuitive ways to comment and leave feedback so that everyone is on the same page. The company recently released InVision Studio to Windows users, a tool to build screen designs and powerful interactive prototypes under one creative roof.

Their big-named customers include Adobe, Zappos and SoundCloud who use this solution to design, collaborate and develop the best user experience possible.

2. Primalbase

Primalbase The Next Web Conference TNW 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Back in 2005, the ‘coworking movement’ came to life by engineer Brad Neuberg. He had the idea of bringing freelancers and like-minded individuals together through a community-based office space. A decade later, the evolution of the work space has gone through more drastic changes as a result of new technologies like cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR). With more companies using shared workspaces due to factors such as growth, it’s become apparent that traditional tech hub models are separating people instead of bringing them together. The need to adapt to the future and spread these ideas is something which Primalbase is committed to. Instead of using a traditional payment method for services, the company uses a cryptocurrency token system called Primalbase tokens (PBT) to keep track of memberships. PBT holders can book workspaces or lease their shares to others in an open-sourced marketplace. Workspaces are currently located in the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam, Berlin and London. In Q2 2019, they will also open two new offices in New York City and Singapore.

3. Kludo

Kludo The Next Web Conference TNW 2019
São Paulo, Brazil

Remember your first job’s training? It probably included two-inch high manuals, lengthy videos and presentations. Chances are you probably did not retain half of that information. Nowadays, we have become used to learning and absorbing a lot of information in a short amount of time. This means that the techniques and methods used to educate employees have to constantly adapt. Meet gamification: A process of applying gaming designs and concepts to a website or software for educational purposes. When it comes to your employees learning new information in an interactive and effective way, Kludo offers a gamification solution for enterprises. The platform aims to increase employee engagement, productivity and knowledge retention while reducing learning costs. Your employees will be able to access the platform from their desktop or mobile devices whenever they want. On top of that, you’ll be able to track employee performance in real-time to improve learning and behaviors.

Founded at the end of 2018, the company finished the year off with great results. For this year, they want to keep the pace going, increase revenue and hire talented people to join their awesome team!

4. Welcome App

Welcome App The Next Web Conference TNW 2019
Stockholm, Sweden / Amsterdam, Netherlands

Meeting new people can be daunting. Sometimes you need something to break the ice. Dutch foundation ‘Blendin’ and Swedish company ‘Welcome’ collaborated together and as a result, merged into one fresh platform we know today as Welcome App - connecting regulars with newcomers. Currently available in Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands, this icebreaker technology connects ‘locals’ with ‘newcomers’ in both online and offline formats. It can also be used for both social and professional purposes. How exactly does it work? Their smartphone application has four built-in features to get you started:

  • Lunch: Meet and dine with locals.

  • Ask questions: Get in contact with locals via the app. You can choose to ask about food, culture, sports and more!

  • Events and activities: Find things to do with locals. As a user, you can also add an event directly from the app and share it with others.

  • Companies for integration: Ask questions and network with employees from local companies.

5. MessageBird

MessageBird The Next Web Conference TNW 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands

You order an Uber and receive a message that says your driver is waiting downstairs. With this SMS, you head out and go on your merry way. Sounds simple, right? Almost a third of the world's population are smartphone users, and chances are, they most likely use a service that sends direct messages to clients faster than the speed of light. This is where MessageBird is a front-runner in connecting companies to their customers on billions of devices around the globe. Within minutes, businesses can integrate their API (application programming interface) to communicate with them on their preferred channels: SMS, messaging services like WeChat, and via phone call. What sets them apart from other companies is their partnership with over 200 telecommunication carriers worldwide. This means your customers will receive secured messages immediately. Their clients range from Uber to Heineken to governments and organizations. Earlier this month, they launched early access to their WhatsApp Business API. Businesses will be able to connect with customers on the world’s most popular messaging app (1.5 billion users to be exact) and send and receive WhatsApp messages for customer support via their own product, app or website.

So there you have it! Five diverse companies solving different human and business needs in innovative ways.

The TNW Conference was a truly memorable experience in one of the happiest countries in Europe. We hope to see you there for #TNW2020.

alexandra mederrick wix answers blog editor

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