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Manage multiple channels in one platform

Support customers across channels, monitor and optimize performance, and get multi-channel insights — all in the same platform.

Communicate seamlessly across all channels

Be seamless across channels

Consolidate phone, email, live chat, SMS, and social media communication in a single timeline.

Make conversations more efficient

Interact more efficiently

Get all the customer information you need right next to the conversation.

Get one source of truth

Get one source of truth

Save time and hassle with data insights from all channels in one dashboard.

Automate support management

Automate support management

Address issues in real time automatically anywhere across your support operation.

Have a multi-channel conversation in one timeline

Consolidate all interactions — phone, email, live chat, SMS, and social media — into a single seamless conversation for a more efficient multi-channel support experience.

Multi-channel interactions in one timeline
Customer info panel

Carry context across channels

Proper context with a complete picture of the customer can maximize the efficiency of your interactions. View profile info, conversation history and technical details, including from integrations — all next to each conversation.

Get a single source of truth

There’s no need to spend time and effort consolidating support data from different systems. View insights from all your channels in one dashboard — a single source of truth, built in out of the box.

Consolidate data from all channels
MAnage your support with Control Room

Control all your support activity

Manage all aspects of your daily support activity with a real-time dashboard. Get a transparent overview of team workloads, agent availability and overall efficiency, and take immediate action to address your top customer support KPIs.

Anticipate any scenario. 
Automate the outcome you want.

With automated conditional scenarios, spot and address issues anywhere in your support operation. Improve CSAT and performance, optimize process efficiency, and proactively update help center content — all in real time and across channels.

Automate multiple scenarios with Spotter

How our customers leverage omnichannel support

“I was always looking for something that is omnichannel where I don’t have to deal with separate providers for phone, email, ticketing, help center, and statistics. Answers was able to provide us with a system that consolidates all these channels.”

Yakir Lasry

VP Customer Relations

“Having the knowledge base integrated with the ticketing system means that our agents get suggested articles to use in their responses, making them faster. Article links also ensure our customers are pointed in the right direction within the help center.”

Martina Möring

COO and Co-founder

“The great thing about Answers is the connectivity between the different channels and having everything in one system.”

Tony Valenti

Founder and Developer 

Make multi-channel support seamless

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