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Support, guide and scale with knowledge

A knowledge management solution that lets you create a self-service center for customers, a support tool for agents and a company-wide knowledge hub.

Scale with knowledge
For customers

For customers

Increase CSAT and deflect tickets with a self-service hub, giving customers the ability to find answers on their own.

  • Make it easy to find your content on Google with out-of-the-box SEO

  • Customize the look and feel of the help center to 100% fit your brand

  • Use contextual help widgets to let customers easily find answers wherever they are

  • Get actionable insights that help improve content and reveal  product issues

For customers bg.png
Enable customers to help themselves with self-service
For support teams bg.png
Internal knowledge for support teams

For support teams

Empower agents with easy access to accurate knowledge and reduce levels of frustration for your customers.

  • Ensure support agents stay consistent in their replies by using help articles for their customer responses

  • Bridge knowledge gaps with one go-to knowledge source

  • Simplify and shorten onboarding by letting agents educate themselves

For teams

For the company

Make knowledge accessible to the entire company and easily share information with all teams.

  • Keep all employees in the know with company announcements, products updates, HR documents, and IT guides

  • Streamline onboarding for all teams by providing essential information, guidelines and how to’s

  • Let departments create their own knowledge bases that can also be used company-wide as a library for a specific topic

For the company BG.png
Company wide knowledge base
For company

Take control of your knowledge.

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