The only unified customer support solution.

Wix Answers puts all support channels under the same platform. So knowledge base, tickets, chats, and calls work together as one.


Support starts and ends with knowledge

Let knowledge guide your customers, agents and entire company.

Offer customers instant access to the right answers.

In-product contextual support
Place relevant articles exactly where users need them.

Knowledge library
For agent onboarding, internal training and employees company-wide.

No more: “describe your issue again”

Our single timeline view helps agents boost efficiency and always be in-the-know when engaging with customers. Agents can see all customer interactions, details and history without having to navigate between tabs.


Only one source of data

Get a clearer picture of your agents, customers and products. With all your data in one platform, you save time and hassle and you get a single source of truth with actionable insights.

Smooth, cost-effective scalability

Growth doesn’t have to be painful.

8-hour agent onboarding

A single UI for all channels makes it easy for new agents to be ready on day one.

Seamless expansion

Localize your content with simple, built-in translation workflows.

Future proofing

When you purchase your plan, you get full access to new features and product updates.


Scale with confidence.