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The customer support solution for 2022 and beyond

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Is your support stack letting you be truly customer-centric?

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I have a self-service tool that allows customers to find answers on their own?

Can my customers contact me easily from anywhere in my product or website?

Do my agents have all of a customer’s information and history in one view to help them resolve issues more efficiently?

Are my agents wasting too much time and focus switching between tabs?

Can my product team view support insights to identify weak spots in the product?

Can my technology support tens, thousands or millions of customers with the same seamless agility?

Customer-centric support

Change can be scary. But compromising on your support solution is scarier.

Wix Answers is a next generation support platform born out of the pain Wix support agents experienced during rapid growth and the company’s need to remain customer-centric.

Answers is the only customer support solution that comes out of the box with all channels and knowledge management in one platform. This unified approach helps organizations turn the goal of customer-centric support into a reality.

Answers’ 5 game changers


360° view of customers

The more you know, the more customer-centric you can be. Answers lets agents see the customer’s journey, information, support history, and the entire communication in a single timeline. No more switching between systems to solve issues and no more bothering customers with lots of background questions. Agents can focus 100% of their time, talent and empathy on helping customers be successful with your product. 

Ticket timeline & customer pane l Wix Answers
Self-service | Wix Answers



A positive customer experience depends on your customers’ effortless access to information. People generally prefer to find answers on their own and help themselves, avoiding the wait time and frustration of trying to reach a support rep. 
With Answers, customers can easily find your support content on Google, in your help center, and inside product flows.


You can also use Answers’ centralized knowledge management to give agents instant access to an internal knowledge base, allow other teams to create department-specific knowledge hubs, and offer a company-wide go-to source of information on topics such as company culture, policies, and general updates.


Contextual in-product support 

Answers makes it easy to be proactive. You can anticipate when and where customers need help by embedding as many support widgets as necessary across your product and website.

Answers widgets let customers interact with you in a variety of ways. They can offer a mini version of your help center with articles and a search option, live chat, callback request, a contact form, or any combination. 

Contextual support | Wix Answers
Top issues | Wix Answers


Built-in insights on top support issues

Answers lets you know about your customers’ recurring issues based on how many times specific knowledge base articles are linked to tickets. Team leaders and other stakeholders can understand right away where customers are struggling without having to export piles of data into a CSV. This offers a valuable opportunity to use the customer’s voice to optimize support content and improve products. 


A platform built to scale

Answers gives you the flexibility to scale in complex global environments without sacrificing quality. With little to no development, you can adjust automations and customize design. Answers also includes seamless translation flows that make it easy to deliver support content in your customers’ local languages.

Spotter automations | Wix Answers

There’s an elephant in the room.

We get it — you’ve thought about switching solutions, but some genuine concerns are keeping you from taking the leap forward:

Selling the idea to upper management

Time and cost of training and implementation

The general risk and uncertainty of making a change

The investment you already put into your current solution

Don't let it hold you back.

Keeping your current solution is riskier in the long-term. It’s compromising your customers’ experience and customer-centric strategy — two things that are essential to the future health of your business.

With Answers, your support operation will be truly customer-centric no matter how big or fast you grow. And this will have a long-lasting effect on the strength of your brand and the vitality of the business. 

Don’t take our word for it. Read about our customers’ experience making the switch to Answers.

See how Answers can make your support more customer-centric.

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