Wix Answers Features

Get all of the tools you need to give your customers the best support.

Help Center

100% Customizable

Choose a beautiful template and change it to suit your business. You can add your brand’s colors, logo and much more.

Multilingual Support

Your knowledge base supports 11 languages. Localize content to better serve customers in their own language.

Rich Content Editor

Add photos and videos to your articles. The editor lets you change anything to see how it will look to your customers.

Actionable Insights

Get feedback and statistics on your most popular articles, trending searches, feature requests and more.

Translation Workflow

Make translating any article seamless to give global customers information in their language.

Best-in-class SEO

Your knowledge base content adds to your SEO, making it easier for everyone to find you online.

Help Widget

Add a help widget to any part of your website, showcasing useful articles from your knowledge base.

Privacy Settings

Restrict access to agents only, add a registration element or make your whole help center public.

Mobile Optimized

Your help center is fully optimized for mobile, so it will look amazing on every kind of device.

Full CSS Customization

Add JavaScript to your help center to create custom interactions, or edit the CSS directly to fully customize it.

Task Management

Use the end-to-end management system to assign tasks to team members, and check them off when they’re done.

Article Templates

Get ready-made content templates that let you quickly create your own articles, feature requests and known issues.

Built-in Search

Make it easier for customers to find the info they’re looking for with advanced search filters and synonym configuration.

Advanced Filtering

Let your agents search for specific articles according to topic, labels or when they were published or created.

Category Management

Add categories and subcategories to articles, so that customers can scan them to find the information they’re looking for.

Content Scope

Make only certain articles discoverable, giving you control over what your customers can see.

Real Time Updates

See who’s viewing or updating articles in real time to optimize your workflow and save your agents time.


Add labels to articles so that they’re all categorized, making searching for information easier.

Ticketing System

Multi-channel Support

Manage and track tickets from multiple channels - phone, email, Facebook, your help widget and more.

Rule Engine

Add a simple automation system based on if/then logic that lets you assign new tasks, update fields and more in a click.

Smart Suggestions

Automatically recommend articles to customers based on what they’re asking in their support tickets.

Multilingual Support

Tickets are automatically separated according to language, ensuring you get the right ticket to the right agent.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to your contact forms to get accurate insights into what customers are looking for.

Actionable Insights

See all of your stats in one place, find out what your customers are looking for and see how your support team is performing.

Link Article to a Ticket

Search for articles in your knowledge base and share them with your customers directly through your ticketing system.

Assign Tickets

Assign tickets to groups or individuals. Your team members will be notified whenever they’re mentioned in a ticket.

Saved Replies

Create replies ahead of time that let you respond to any question in an instant and give your customers faster, better support.

Help Widget

Add a help widget to any part of your website, so that customers can get in touch with in a click.

Internal Notes

Add notes to a team or individual discussion that form part of your ticket history, so you can refer to them whenever you need to.

Customizable Email Templates

Choose a template for your emails and customize them with your business’ logo and colors.

Team Performance

Track your team’s performance by checking how many tickets they’ve handled, closed and their customer satisfaction rating.


Create announcements to send out to your whole team, so that they’re always up to date.

Ticket History

View your customers’ full ticket history and see how their queries are being handled to give them better service.

Ticket History Log

Keep track of any ticket-related information in a timeline that gives you an at-a-glance view of customer queries.

Web Hooks & API

Build powerful integrations with Wix Answers APIs that leverage your tickets, users, knowledge base, and much more.

Advanced Filtering

Set filters in the system to help you search for specific information and stay organized.

Customer Satisfaction

Get valuable feedback by letting customers rate the service that they receive.

Device Data Log

Collect accurate information about what device, browser and ISP your customers are using.


Add labels to all of your tickets so that you can easily find them using a simple search.


Display or update external data in your help center, or connect your favorite business tools.

Real Time Updates

Keep track of who’s answering tickets in real time to increase efficiency within your support team.

Spam Detection

Any suspicious tickets you receive are automatically marked as spam for review by your agents.

Call Center

Cloud-based Call Center

Set up your call center in minutes and get your own 1-800 number - no download necessary.

Multiple Call Types

Make and take calls seamlessly, or let customers request a callback to get service at a time that suits them.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Set up your IVR to interact with customers and direct their call to the right agent or group.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Make and take as many calls as you need to, at the same time, from multiple numbers.

Live Dashboard

Get the full picture of how your call center is operating, from call waiting and processing times to agent activities.

Call Routing

Ensure every call is routed to the correct support agent or group within your team.

Call Queuing

Deal with high call volumes by keeping customers on hold until an agent becomes available.

Actionable Insights

Track your team’s performance by getting insights into call length, customer locations and more. Coming soon!

Call Monitoring

Listen to calls in real time so that you can see how your agents are handling them.

Call Recording

Monitor calls to find out how your support agents are handling them and get insights into your support performance.

Wrap-Up Time

Leave agents enough time to make notes about a call before they move on to the next one.

Call Controls

Give agents full control by letting them hold and mute calls, add other agents and transfer seamlessly.

Business Hours

Set your operating hours so that your customers know the best times to get in touch.

Line Management

Get a local number for the countries you operate in, or add a toll-free line that customers can use to call in for free.

Custom Agent Statuses

Show each agent’s status to your whole support team, so that they know who’s on a call and who’s free.

Follow Up

Send customers an email after they get in touch with information about their call or what they need to do next.

Call History

Easily search for specific calls according to the customer’s name, the agent who took the call, the label and more.

User History

See customers’ call history at a glance, including their previous tickets, articles they’ve read and more.


Add labels to calls so that you can easily search for them and stay organized.

Desktop Notifications

Agents get a notification when a call comes in, even when they’re not working directly within the Wix Answers platform.