Get full visibility into the KPI that keeps you up at night.

Make it easy for customers to rate their support experience in any channel and gain the insight you need to provide better, smarter customer service.

Collect CSAT feedback from anywhere

Let customers express how they feel about their support experience wherever they’re reaching out to you.


Ask customers for feedback right when a ticket is resolved.


Let customers rank their live support experience on the spot.


Ask for feedback on Facebook or Whatsapp so customers can stay in their flow.


Right after you hang up, find out how a customer really felt about their experience.

Capture customer feedback easily

Step 1.

Create surveys with one built-in tool.

Offer a consistent, branded experience across channels and languages and use customizations to maximize your response rate per channel.

Step 2.

Customers answer a 2-step survey.

Let them choose an emoji that reflects how they feel and add a comment to elaborate.

Step 3.

The agent, team leader and any other relevant stakeholder can view the feedback.


With clear insight, each stakeholder can do their part to improve CSAT — on the spot and over time.

Different stakeholders, one goal: improving CSAT

Support agents

Get survey feedback instantly inside the conversation timeline. Agents can learn from negative feedback and also reach out quickly to make sure unsatisfied customers don’t walk away unhappy.

Team leaders

Zoom in on top-performing agents and on those who need to improve. Compare overall scores among channels, sites and teams and tweak workflows accordingly.

Executive-level stakeholders 

Use aggregated CSAT data to find weak spots easily and make improvements. You can filter data by country, queue or site and compare it over time to help you proactively enhance customer loyalty and business growth.

Answers CSAT is simply smarter

Usually, CSAT collects feedback for acting on retroactively and manually — we’re different.


Answers CSAT automatically spots negative feedback that requires attention.


A smart engine notifies relevant stakeholders or takes action on your behalf.

In real-time.

You can turn a negative experience into a positive one, on the spot.

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