Communicating Better with Customers During COVID-19

Get a Knowledge Management and Call Center Solution—at no cost.

This means finding new ways to engage with them at a distance, and be readily available.

Customers need you now more than ever

We want to do our part by extending help to companies in a time where communicating with your customers matters the most.

It’s a double-edged sword situation. On one side, your company is doing everything in its power to align, communicate and keep up with the volume, while customers expect immediate, responsive service from you.

Adjust fast and take control of your communication

To overcome and address the recent challenges caused by COVID-19, we believe the following could help you

Add more personal channels
to help build and maintain customer confidence,
while creating a tailored and humanized experience.


Align your messaging
across your support channels to make sure customers and employees are getting the same, streamlined answers.


Use a single platform
to manage all knowledge and customer inquiries.

We want to help you

You may be asking yourself: “There’s no time to stop and think about budgets, implementing new processes or learning new technologies.”

We are making it a top priority to provide you with a quick and manageable solution during COVID-19 to help your customers find knowledge and give them the option to pick up the phone and speak with you.

This is what we’re offering you at no cost:

Knowledge Management Solution

You’ll need to create new hubs of consistent, curated and accessible information surrounding COVID-19 in order to communicate a single source of truth to your customers and employees.


Call Center Solution

Even if you have a call center in place, you’ll need to add more ad hoc phone lines to handle the incoming call volume.


Fast Onboarding

Every day that goes by is crucial for your business's bottom line. Our dedicated team will help you get up and running, while providing you essential and relevant content to succeed.

Take control of your customer support