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One inbox ticketing system

Manage all support requests from any channel in a one-tab workspace. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to provide fast, yet personal support.

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One inbox


Filter ticket views based on labels, priority, language, and more, based on your business needs and support flows.

Ticket list

A consolidated, dynamic view of all tickets' details: source, priority, labels, SLA and more.

Single timeline

Make agents more efficient with one timeline view for a user’s current issue, all previous conversations, and ticket info.

AI-powered article suggestions

Link automated article suggestions in the reply box to decrease response time and increase accuracy.

Internal notes

Leave comments on an issue to collaborate with team members and work for faster resolution time.

Customer info panel

Get the context and the information you need right next to the timeline to enable fast and accurate responses.

Custom fields

Collect or view more data on users, issues and companies for a wider context and a greater personal support.


Apply a set of actions on a ticket with one click, for faster and simplified customer interactions.

SLA rules

Set performance targets based on ticket priority. Notify team members when SLA policies are missed or close to being missed.

Help widgets

Be proactive with contextual knowledge and multi-channel support anywhere in your product flow or website.

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Help widgets

Fully functional help center

& setup guides

Use widgets to ensure successful customer onboarding and access to your help center from anywhere.

Multi-channel contact

Make it easy to engage from anywhere. Add any variety of channels to your widgets — email, live chat, callback, or help center.

Custom fields

Help users describe their issue using custom fields with predefined options in order to provide accurate answers more efficiently.

100% design customization

Easily create your own themes, structure, colors, and text. Custom CSS and JS are supported.

Custom HTML sections

Enhance your widgets’ capabilities with embedded videos, iframes of external websites, and special announcements.

Fully draggable

Users can drag widgets anywhere on their screen so they won't get in the way of site content.

Call center

Set up a fully featured call center in minutes that works seamlessly out of the box with all other channels.

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Call center

Automatic ticket creation

Every call automatically creates a ticket in the same timeline with interactions from all other channels.

Call recording

Listen back to conversations and gain a ton of helpful feedback that’ll improve the customer experience.

Customizable IVR flows

Route calls based on customer input, and know what the inquiry’s about before you pick up.

Toll-free / local numbers

Take your call center global with a quick setup. Each line can have a custom IVR flow and unique business hours.

Unlimited queues

Route calls by language, customer type, topic, or level of expertise. Each queue can have pre-defined wait times, active hours, and speech for on-hold and waiting in queue.

Live dashboard

​Visualize KPIs and make real-time adjustments in seconds to improve agents’ performance and provide faster phone support for waiting customers.


Let your knowledge drive customer satisfaction

Make knowledge easy to discover and consume in multiple languages. With a smart knowledge base, effortlessly create, manage and optimize content based on actionable insights.


Live chat

Solve customer problems before they become an issue. Make support approachable - place the live chat anywhere on your web or in-app.

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Liva chat

Automatic ticket creation

Your live chat comes as part of a one-inbox ticketing system, enabling seamless, multi-channel conversations.

Automated routing

Cut response time by automatically assigning chats based on subject, time, customer location, and more.

Knowledge base

Instantly access articles without leaving your chat to ensure that customers efficiently get the answers they need.


Get a clear, real-time understanding of your support performance, customers and business and act upon it to elevate your customer experience.


Top Issues insights

Understand what your customers are struggling with the most, and adjust support content or fix product gaps.

Ticketing insights

​Track KPIs with clear, visualized data and optimize response and resolution times for a greater CSAT.

Call center insights

​Track KPIs with clear, visualized data to decrease wait times and resolution times for a greater CSAT.

Team performance

& customer satisfaction

​Get a bird's eye view of your support performance across channels, sites, languages, and groups. Drill down to find specific ways you can make improvements.

Chat insights

Discover where to improve your live chat. Filter data and compare it over time. Analyze the number of chats you receive and answer, how long they take, your first-response speed, and CSAT score.

Knowledge base insights

Get a real-time overview of your knowledge base performance. View the most helpful/unhelpful articles, top feature requests, known issues, and popular search terms.

Efficiency boosters

You’ll love these 5 built-in features. Made for scaling companies, they will help win customers’ loyalty and boost operational efficiency.


Spotter: real-time automation

Automatically identify broken or inefficient workflows and make adjustments or notify relevant stakeholders. Constantly working in the background, it acts as a second brain alongside your support leader to increase agent performance, productivity and CSAT. Spotter lets you grow without relying on headcount or costly, time-consuming resources.


Get one solution for all customer support needs

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